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"Given that you're a raping scumbag one tick shy of a murderer. I can't recall, do you take sugar?"
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November 23 2011

James Marsters plays Angel. James Marsters was at the recent Alamo Drafthouse Buffy Singalong and agreed to play a scene, as Angel, with an audience member. This amusing write up comes complete with a video memorializing the performance. More...

September 06 2007

Dec 7th L.A. Singalong Tickets on Sale. L.A.'s Landmark 'NuArt' Theatre has Friday, December 7th @ midnight 'Buffy Sing-a-Long' tickets for sale. More...

June 21 2007

The Verse's got talent. Some scintillating Sing a Song for Saffron songs for you to sing along to. More...

April 19 2007

Arizona Daily Star writes about Buffy Singalongs. Come the fall, Jeff Yanc (Loft program director) is hoping to land a top-secret former "Buffy" actor to appear as a special guest. More...

March 18 2007

L.A. Area OMWF Big-Screen Sing-Along plus "Smile Time," April 20. A double bill celebrating the BtVS 10th Anniversary of BtVS, with proceeds going to the Elisabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation. More...

September 09 2006

Buffy the Musical Sing-a-Long in NYC, September 15-16. Looks like the Buffy sing-a-longs that have happened elsewhere are spreading to NYC. The IFC Center in the Village is having two midnight sing-a-longs September 15th and 16th, including goodie bags to participate, a "Buffy-oke" competition, and prizes.

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