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"Remember when this place was just flame-throwers and rotating knives? I miss that."
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August 26 2012

Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney - round one. It's Mal and Simon vs Spike and Angel in one bracket with Thor and Loki facing off against Steve and Tony in another.

August 03 2007

The He and She of It. Read "Gender and Fan Culture" by Derek Kompare and Cynthia Walker. Its subsections include "Fandom Meets The Powers That Be," and "Fanboys/Fan Girls Revisited," among others, and several fandoms, including Joss Whedon & his fans, are mentioned in passing. More...

October 09 2006

Slash fiction - "On the internet, they're lovers". takes a look at one of the more interesting sub-genres of fan fiction and of course there's the obligatory Joss Whedon and the two vampires with a soul mention.

February 18 2006

The Brokeback Effect. "Slash" has been propelled into the near-mainstream thanks to the popularity of Brokeback Mountain. Mentions of Faith/Buffy and Angel/Spike slash vids, etc.

January 20 2006

The Top Twelve Slashiest Couples in SciFi/Fantasy Fandom. Find out which of our guys from Buffy and Firefly made the list (this thread contains adult themes).

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