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October 25 2016

Read Whedonverse academic essays in the latest issue of Slayage. Vol 14.2 contains a report about the recent EuroSlayage conference and essays about Buffy, Dollhouse, Firefly, and the Joss Whedon ensemble. There's also an obituary for David Lavery by Rhonda V. Wilcox.

July 25 2016

Read Whedonverse academic essays in the latest issue of Slayage. Volume 14.1 covers Buffy, Dollhouse, Joss, Angel, and Much Ado About Nothing.

August 27 2015

Read the Firefly/Serenity special issue of Slayage. In all, there's five essays to be read.

March 05 2015

The latest volume of Slayage's Whedonverse essays is now available to read. There's a report about the Slayage conference and essays about Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Astonishing X-Men.

June 06 2014

Selected essays from the Joss in June conference. Slayage have a special double issue out and just about every aspect of the Whedonverse is covered (even Sugarshock!).

March 14 2013

Read the latest collection of Whedonverse essays at Slayage. Volume 10.1 has essays about identity in Dollhouse, intertextuality, the death of the feminized body, Spike, justice systems and leadership.

December 24 2012

Read the latest volume of Slayage. Volume 9.2 has discussion of 'Restless', vampires and evil, Harmony, Faith, and the Buffy Season 3 finale.

July 06 2012

Screening and discussion for Dr. Horrible & Commentary: The Musical at Slayage Conference. This July 14 evening event is open to the public (RSVP required) and will be taking place at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

July 04 2012

Slayage conference brings Joss Whedon academics to Vancouver. "The fifth biannual Slayage conference occupies UBC's Allard Hall from July 12th to 15th. Academics from around the world and across disciplines will be in town to discuss the multiplicity of Whedonverse creations."

November 02 2011

Read the latest collection of Whedonverse essays at Slayage. Volume 9.1 features essays about The Body, anonymous vampires, Pangs, Dollhouse and colonial discourses in Buffy.

March 24 2011

Read the latest volume of Slayage. The Buffyverse essays include a feminist comparison between Buffy and Bella, drugs and posthumanism on Buffy, how 'Normal Again' and 'The Harvest' can be used as commentary on Buffy and Spike's relationship and why Buffy seasons 5 & 6 become a post-structuralist primer.

August 25 2010

Fantasy Is Not Their Purpose: Essays on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. It's a special double issue of Slayage with twelve essays to look at.

May 20 2010

Academic Dollhouse essays needed. Slayage is planning to do a special issue on Dollhouse and has put out a call for papers (they have to be submitted by June 14th).

August 29 2009

The latest volume of Slayage is now online. Volume 28 has five Buffyverse essays for your perusal. They include an analysis of Jonathan, a discussion of Buffy/Faith adult femslash and a look at patriarchal villains.

March 16 2009

The latest issue of Slayage is now online. The 27th volume has four essays about the Buffyverse and an announcement about The Whedon Studies Association.

March 03 2008

Slayage Volume 25 - the Firefly edition. Tons of essays to read, with lots of issues to ponder on.

February 10 2008

SC3: Slayage Conference on the Whedonverse. June 5-8, 2008--Scholars and fans gather for a third time to analyze all things Whedonesque. Jeanine Basinger is a keynote speaker. More...

November 15 2006

The aesthetics of Buffy. A very special edition of Slayage focussing on Buffy's opening credits, fashion and the quality of Spike's campness. More...

August 11 2006

Slayage, Number Twenty One. Once again, some more academic Buffyverse essays. The major highlights are the first piece which looks at the history of Buffy studies and the final essay which takes a critical look at the recent Slayage conference.

July 30 2006

Call For Papers: Critical Studies in Television (CST) is asking for proposals for a book of essays on Firefly and Serenity. Two American academics, Rhonda V. Wilcox and Tanya R. Cochran, ask for up to 500-word proposals by September 1, 2006. More...

April 25 2006

Slayage Volume 20: "Beyond Slayer Slang" now online. A very special edition of the extremely readable Buffyverse academic essay series. Topics include Willow, language and Slayer slang, fan fiction and Television Without Pity.

February 05 2006

Slayage Volume 19 now online. The latest batch of academic essays about the Buffyverse is now available to read. Topics include the politics and ethics of researching Buffy and Angel, analyses of 'Hush' and 'Restless' and Buffy being Joss' first Western. Food for thought.

August 15 2005

2006 Slayage Conference CFP. Apparently proposals must be submitted by October 31, 2005.

July 01 2005

Slayage: Number 17 now online. As ever some superb essays courtesy of This volume mainly focuses its attention on ethnicity and music in the Buffyverse.

May 21 2004

OPINION: 'Fading Away'. Daniel Erenberg takes a look at the finale and the individual characters.

March 07 2003

Put Out the Light. A very indepth comparison between Othello and Angel.

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