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"Wish I could stay. Your stalwart, standing fast."
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May 30 2009

"I miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer". In light of the new "Old" Buffy movie. I thought we all could use something like this to remember our roots.

January 24 2008

Remember the "Recast Buffy" challenge from Buzz Sugar? The results are in, and the choices for Willow, Spike and Giles are very interesting. Angel, though, not so much.

November 07 2007

Slayers on Facebook. For those of you playing the Vampire/Zombie/Werewolf game on Facebook, beware the Slayers. More...

March 30 2007

Buffy a gay show? MSN briefly mentions Buffy as an important cultural landmark. More...

November 27 2005

No Longer a "Vixen", Buffy's named one of "TV's Top Kickass Girl Heroes". Jen Garner and Kristin Bell are also listed in this category. Not to mention Oprah and Lassie :) More...

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