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September 18 2009

Last day to bid on 11 DVD Set All Signed By Nathan Fillion. Ebay auction supporting The Kids Need to Read Foundation. More...

August 08 2008

Alan Tudyk hosts Secret's Out. Alan shares his DVD picks and interviews a former co-star. Alan and Nathan Fillion discuss Slither, Waitress, Dr. Horrible and a tv series/film they worked on together. Alan also asks Nathan the question that often lands Firefly actors in trouble.

March 24 2008

Cut 2008 SLiTHER Screening followed by panel with Nathan Fillion, Gregg Henry and James Gunn. Anybody here lucky enough to get tickets before they SOLD OUT? More...

October 15 2007

Play 20Q with a computer. There is some serious Whedon love in this computer generated 20 questions. Choose Movies or TV. The more people play, the more accurate it becomes.

June 18 2007

HBO Zone rocks The Fillion tonight (Monday June 18). It will be Nathan Fillion night on HBO Zone: "Serenity" starts at 6:55 P.M. (East/West) and "Slither" starts at 9:00 P.M. (East/West). Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Simply Irresistible" precedes them at 5:15 P.M. Check your time zone!

May 24 2007

Nathan Fillion radio interview. The May 18th Fangoria Radio interview with Nathan Fillion can now be downloaded.

May 12 2007

Nathan Fillion - the intrepid journalist. If you're going to watch just one video interview today, let it be this one.

May 10 2007

James Gunn Appreciation Society Chat (JGAS). There was a live chat hosted by the JGAS MySpace Group on Friday, May 4th. More...

January 03 2007

The Hot Stars of 2007. And they picked Nathan Fillion! Hey, "His second major leading role in a film " is White Noise: The Light??? What about SLiTHER? I'm telling SLiTHER Director James Gunn. edit: The article has been corrected to mention SLiTHER. Whoo-hoo! More...

November 10 2006

Nathan Fillion chats about Slither on DVD. Comparing its boxoffice performance and critical acclaim to Serenity, the Captain predicts success on DVD for Slither. More...

November 08 2006

Interview with James Gunn, director of Slither. With Daniel Robert Epstein. James Gunn relates tales of his experiences in the industry and his relationships with Joss and Nathan Fillion. More...

October 23 2006

James Gunn compares the families of Slither and Serenity. Promoting Slither on DVD More...

October 16 2006

(SPOILER) James Gunn reports results of Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Fuse TV will air the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards next Sunday, but if you can't wait, James Gunn blogs about the results, with pictures, gossip and a confirmation that Nathan Fillion will attend the screening and Q&A for Slither in Los Angeles Tuesday night (10/17). More...

October 11 2006

Nathan Fillion confirmed for Slither Q&A in Los Angeles. James Gunn's MySpace blog gives more details about the Slither screening and then gives you a big piece of his mind about other schtuff ...

October 09 2006

Free Slither Screening with Q&A in Hollywood. On Oct 17th, there is a free Slither DVD screening at the Mann Chinese Theater. Afterwards there is a Q&A with the director James Gunn. Apparently one can win DVDs and there are some special surprises. Details on how to get the tickets are on the link. More...

September 27 2006

Clips from Nathan Fillion's interview on Fangoria Radio posted. For those who missed Nathan's interview on Fangoria Radio (Sirius Channel 102) last Friday, some clips have been posted on their website. The interview is mostly about Slither, Nathan's nomination for a Fangoria Chainsaw award, and there is a bit of talk about Browncoats, of course! More...

September 02 2006

Slither director James Gunn blogs about The Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Nathan Fillion is up for 'Dude You Don't Wanna Mess With'. Gunn implores "Browncoats, take care of your boy Nathan." The awards are decided by online voting here.

August 28 2006

Nathan Fillion nominated for a Fango Chainsaw Award for his role in 'Slither'. He faces off against the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and King Kong in the "Dude You Don't Want To Mess With" category. More details over at the Fangoria website.

August 19 2006

James Gunn responds to our complaints. The Slither director explains why Mal didn't make his best television characters list. Also, you can see the artwork for the UK Slither DVD here. And Joss posts his own Top 25 TV characters list here. A further reply from Gunn can be found here.

August 17 2006

Buffy makes Slither director's top 25 tv characters. Straight in at number 10.

May 24 2006

Slither is IMDb's movie of the day. The link goes to a juicy review that is positively dripping with praise for Slither.

May 02 2006

Nathan Fillion's Slither debuts 6th in UK. Most people continued to flock to Ice Age 2 (still #1 here...).

April 27 2006

James Gunn announces Slither DVD extra features. Writer/director/browncoat James Gunn posts the details of the upcoming Slither DVD's special features on his blog, including a commentary with Nathan. The rest of the blog is well worth reading as well.
The BBC review Slither. "Imagine for a minute that David Cronenberg, in the days before he got boring and respectable, had made a film with a young Joss Whedon. Between them, they might have come up with something very much like Slither."

April 24 2006

Empire magazine has a review of Slither praising Nathan in particular. More...

April 11 2006

Nathan Fillion's Slither classified 15 in UK (without cutting). Opens April 28th.

April 07 2006

Cinematical speculates why Slither did so badly on its opening weekend. Eli Roth summed it up rather succinctly: "In 15 years, nobody is going to be watching 'Ice Age: The Meltdown.' Everybody is going to be watching DVDs of 'Slither.'

April 01 2006

Slither earns $1,500,000 Friday. Slither looks to earn about $4 million in its first weekend of release.

March 31 2006

A video conversation with Nathan Fillion at tribune star chat. He chats about Slither, Firefly, Serentiy, and White Noise 2. Just a side note; he's wearing a Kane t-shirt. That's just too cool.
Slither rates a wicked cool 90% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes: Our Captain's first non-Firefly starring role is getting raves from both internet and media critics.
Joblo and Arrow interview Nathan Fillion. Another funny and candid interview with Captain Tightpants himself. More...

March 30 2006

IGN interviews Nathan Fillion. Great in-depth piece covering his acting process on Slither, his affection for Malcolm Reynolds, and of course, his effort to win the role of Wonder Woman.
Play Slither: Hunting Season. There's a good pic of Nathan on the front page there....

March 28 2006

(SPOILER) "This guy deserves to be a major star." So says David Germain of Nathan Fillion in an Associated Press review of Slither.

March 21 2006

Industry rag Screen Daily reviews Slither. Spending half the review praising Nathan, in fact. "Thankfully, the terrifically understated Nathan Fillion does great work". Variety review slither, also (many spoilers, spoilers many).

March 13 2006

Movies Online review Slither. "Without a doubt, Slither is the most entertaining movie I've seen this year." Horror Channel say "(the director) is just taking bits and pieces of his favorite films and giving them a fresh spin and having a blast doing it". Cinema Blend say "Look for a mass Browncoat suicide after the debut of Slither."

March 11 2006

IESB cover Slither premiere. Interviews with Nathan, Joss, James Gunn and friends. "The Flan debacle" is covered in Nathan's interview. There's also video interviews with Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion from the premiere over at
Fans go to Slither premiere to see Nathan (they don't like horror films, and don't have tickets). They end up being invited into the screening by Universal, loving the film, and talking to Joe Sweden. It's stories like this that bring Hollywood back down to the fans - I love these tales.
Joss Whedon interview from the premiere of 'Slither'. Find out his reaction to Nathan's new movie, whether or not a Serenity sequel could happen on direct to DVD and the status of the Wonder Woman script.

March 10 2006

Slug it out. It's time to judge the fan TV spot efforts for Universal's Slither.
Interview with 'Slither' director James Gunn. He says of Nathan "I think it's wonderful that a retarded young man can make it so far in the film industry. But I kid Nathan. He's the best actor I've ever worked with." Direct link to interview. Over at the SFX website, you can find out more about the James Gunn/Joss Whedon Fox sitcom that never happened.
To Slither in LA. Joss, Nathan, Alan, and other people (the ever lovable James Gunn and Eli Roth) walk around and pose for those cameras. More pictures, analysis. And don't forget "Nathan really does make everything more gay".

March 09 2006

Highlights of the Slither panel and more at the Fangoria event in Chicago. As ever, Nathan seems to be top form (slight spoilers for the movie in this report btw).

March 03 2006

Slither world premiere details announced. So who will be there to see Nathan's new movie at The Vista Theatre on March 9th? Well Bryan Singer for one. Freddie Prinze Jr and Rob Zombie too. Plus Joss of course.

March 01 2006

"Slither" set visit. The first installment of JoBlo's visit to Nathan Fillion's new film. Check out the latest one-sheet for the movie over at AICN.

February 27 2006

Slug It Out on Slither. Design the winning TV spot for Nathan Fillion's new movie and you could win $25,000 (only open to residents of the USA). The website does give you some cool clips, music and sound fx to work with (plus you can record your own voice over). As concepts go, it's pretty darn cool.

February 23 2006

Nathan Fillion gets Slithered. Behind the scenes on the new movie (not safe for work). Apparently this is a viral marketing video from Universal.
'Serenity' star gets slimed. The April 2006 issue of Sci Fi Magazine includes a feature on Nathan Fillion's upcoming film.

January 23 2006

(SPOILER) A review of Nathan Fillion's new film 'Slither'. "The movie delivers in a gory and twisted one two punch that shed a glimmer of hope on the 2006 horror docket". Yay!

January 14 2006

Slither trailer for restricted audiences. A more explicit version of the trailer for Nathan Fillion's next movie. Not for the kids, or the faint of heart.

January 13 2006

New pics of Nathan Fillion in 'Slither'. The first one is just odd.

January 03 2006

An interview with James Gunn. There's more Whedon related connections with the writer and director of Slither than meets the eye. Did you know Joss once hired him to create a sitcom for Fox? More...

October 20 2005

Slither Trailer Now Online at More...

September 29 2005

Nathan Fillion talks Serenity and Slither. A fun thoughtful interview with the Cap'n over at (there's even a Caleb mention). And there's another cool interview with him at The Ottawa Sun.

September 19 2005

Nathan Fillion Reboards Serenity. Sci Fi Wire continues its coverage from the recent Serenity news conference. And click here to read what Nathan has to say about his other new movie 'Slither'.

July 30 2005

The geek shall inherit the Earth - "In response to fan pressure, a movie version was greenlighted, and when preview footage was ready to be screened, Whedon used his own blog to announce a series of regional screenings. They sold out almost instantly."

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