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January 21 2014

The 10 best 'Monster of the Week' episodes of all time. Buffy and Angel episodes both get shout-outs.

December 22 2008

Angel revisited: creators talk comics adaptations. Comic Book Resources speaks to the guys behind IDW's adaptations of 'Smile Time' and 'Not Fade Away'.

December 21 2008

Angel:Smile Time #1 preview pages. It's out this week.

October 15 2008

Jim Henson Co. ponders mature puppet fare in 'The Happytime Murders'. "I suspect it was also inspired by "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and, maybe, just maybe, that infamous puppet episode of Joss Whedon's 'Angel.'" More...

May 08 2007

Special Auctions for charity from You can win a signed "You're Welcome" script or a signed one-of-a-kind event poster. More...

March 18 2007

WWLA: Brian Lynch talks "Spike: Shadow Puppets". Details about the comic on the way, including some hi-larious preview art of vamp-puppet Spike, and some subtle teases for upcoming projects.
L.A. Area OMWF Big-Screen Sing-Along plus "Smile Time," April 20. A double bill celebrating the BtVS 10th Anniversary of BtVS, with proceeds going to the Elisabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation. More...

January 22 2007

(SPOILER) Vampire Puppets. Teaser for the new comic, Spike: Shadow Puppets, by Brian Lynch and Franco Urro. Looks like it's slated for a May 2007 release. More...

June 16 2006

IDW releases solicitation info for titles to be published in September '06. Include already announced "Spike: Asylum #1", also the TPB for "Spike Vs. Dracula", and this month's "Angel Scriptbook #7" will cover the classic Season 5 episode "Smile Time" More...

February 19 2004

(SPOILER) Entertainment Geekly's reviews "Smile Time" "The triumphant return of Busty Nina and her little, felty friend." Also contains a speculation/spoiler for next week. More...

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