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July 10 2011

Firefly's Sonny Rhodes awarded "Best Instrumentalist - Other" by The Blues Foundation. Sonny has been nominated about 15 times since 1995.

October 22 2010

An interview with the Firefly legend that is Sonny Rhodes. He's playing a couple of gigs in New Jersey this weekend and in this interview he speaks briefly about the Firefly theme song and working with Joss.

February 24 2009

Sonny Rhodes at Wondercon. Sonny will be at Wondercon in San Francisco on Sunday March 1 at the California Browncoats table F6-F7. I'm not sure when he'll arrive, as he is coming right from the airport, but he is looking forward to seeing everyone. Please come and show your support!

January 31 2009

Sonny Rhodes to sing tonight at Arcadia Blues Club, CA. Sonny Rhodes, legendary blues artist that sang the Theme for Firefly. Will be performing live at Arcadia Blues Club in Arcadia, CA. Cover $15.

January 12 2009

Sonny Rhodes in bad health, needs a hand up. Sonny Rhodes, our favorite Firefly theme song blues musician, is in need of a hand up. He is a very proud man, but circumstances related to medical conditions are preventing him from working, and he's trying to keep a roof over his head. More...

October 21 2007

Jonathan Woodward and Sonny Rhodes get on the boat. Let the debauchery begin (and let songs be sung about it)! Also, a few spaces are still available on the cruise.

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