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May 01 2008

The only Australian screening of Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Southland Tales". Popcorn Taxi in Sydney present the one and only screening in Australia of "Southland Tales" + a Q&A with director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) live from 'Southland' itself (LA). More...

January 23 2008

Early DVD details, cover pic and release date for SMG's "Southland Tales". It will be released March 18th, 2008.

December 23 2007

A List, to Start the Conversation. Southland Tales makes New York Times critic Manohla Dargis's list of "favorite releases of the year," but not his her Top Ten. More...

November 23 2007

Ryan Gilbey on how films and comic books are transforming each other. From the Guardian today; an article primarily about Southland Tales (featuring a nice picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar/Prinze in the newspaper that doesn't seem to appear in the online version) which mentions Joss and his comicbook writing in relation to his movies and tv shows.

November 16 2007

(SPOILER) Asks Whether Southland Tales is the Next Great Cult Film. This video review discusses the evolution of the film from its initial cut screened at Cannes and shows a little footage. Be sure to read the full written review, if only to learn that "the fourth dimension is collapsing on itself, bitch."

November 14 2007

(SPOILER) "Messy and Feverishly Inspired" Southland Tales. The New York Times praises Richard Kelly's new film and the "dignity and melancholic soul" of Sarah Michelle Gellar's performance.

November 06 2007

Sarah singing "Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime". Sarah Michelle Gellar singing a song for her character in "Southland Tales" who is a singer/actress/porn star/etc. More...

November 03 2007

Sneak preview of 'Southland Tales' tonight in Boston. The Harvard Film Archive will be showing Sarah Michelle Gellar's new movie at 9.15pm. And in related Sarah movie news, there's a brief interview with her over at Sci Fi Wire.

September 23 2007

(SPOILER) Advance screening of Southland Tales last night in Austin. Everyone's still confused, and some are still angry. More...

September 20 2007

(SPOILER) Southland Tales trailer is finally out. Check it out, courtesy of Yahoo Movies.

September 12 2007

Southland Tales official one-sheet is out. It includes a nice picture of SMG. More...

July 28 2007

Have A Nice Apocalypse... I think I'll have something to say about that. The new poster for the Sarah Michelle Gellar starring film "Southland Tales" has arrived courtesy of, with a new tagline (I like to think they had me in mind) and complimentary eerily reaching hand. More...

July 24 2007

Southland Tales release date Nov. 9. Finally!

July 12 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar can hardly wait for the release of "Southland Tales." More...

July 09 2007

Richard Kelly "nearing post-production" on Southland Tales. The director posts an update on his MySpace page. More...

May 22 2007

Will we finally visit the Southland? is reporting that Richard Kelly's "Southland Tales" has finally been picked up by a distribution company. Sony will apparantly team with Samuel Goldwyn Films to exhibit the Sarah Michelle Gellar starring film. More...

February 15 2007

Southland Seeks More Money. Richard Kelly seeks further funding to complete the film's visual effects. More...

October 07 2006 article on Southland Tales. Director Richard Kelly explains a bit more about SMG's role in the movie, among other things. More...

August 29 2006

My Southland Tales remarks were taken out of context says Richard Kelly. The director clarifies an interview he did with Hotdog Magazine where he said the movie would be cut by an hour. The story got picked up first by Female First and then later by the likes of SciFi Wire and other sites.

June 23 2006

'The Return' gets new release date. Sarah Michelle Gellar's thriller will be out on November 17th and will also be trailered with 'The Grudge 2'. And in somewhat tenuously related news if you fancy meeting Richard Kelly (Southland Tales director) today, he's doing a signing at Velocity Comics in Richmond, Virginia at 8pm. More...

June 01 2006

Southland Tales being re-cut to be made "watchable" and in other SMG news you can see the teaser poster for The Grudge 2 here.

May 21 2006

Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about Southland Tales at the BBC. Along with healthy doses of the cult of celebrity, and film making disappearing from Hollywood.
(SPOILER) The Hollywood Reporter reviews 'Southland Tales'. Now that you've seen the pics of Sarah at Cannes, read the review of her new movie. Phrases like "the will to live is lost in the first reel" may give you a hint of what's in store. is more damming in its assessment of the movie "failed ambitions and vain pretensions". More...
SMG Photocall at Cannes Film Festival after Southland Tales press screening.Video footage of photocall and interview session here. Update:Pics of Sarah at the premiere can be found at WireImage.

April 24 2006

Details on third and last prequel book for SMG's "Southland Tales". "Southland Tales Book 3: The Mechanicals" is the third of a series of three prequel graphic novels that will lead readers to the point where the movie will begin. Info on the second book can be found here and on the first book can be found here. Additionally the movie will take part in the competition showings in the 59th Cannes Festival.

April 04 2006

New SMG Southland Tales Stills. Ditzy blonde pornstar? Check.

April 03 2006

E! Megaplex on Southland Tales. Even the cast seems to have trouble keeping track of the story, is that a good or bad thing ?

March 27 2006

Richard Kelly on Southland Tales Comics. Film to be finished April/May, release date still TBD but sometime in the fall.

March 16 2006

Details on second prequel book for SMG's "Southland Tales". "Southland Tales Book 2: Fingerprints" is the second of a series of three prequel graphic novels that will lead readers to the point where the movie will begin. You can find some info on the first book here.

March 01 2006

Some details about first prequel book for SMG's "Southland Tales". "Southland Tales Book 1: Two Roads Diverge" is the first of a series of three prequel books that will lead readers to the point where the movie will begin.

November 05 2005

(SPOILER) SMG on Rosa Parks. Brief NY Daily News interview. Also includes her comments on working with The Rock in Southland Tales. (Very mild spoilers for Southland Tales plot points.)

October 22 2005

New Southland Tales Stills. Watch the series of stills in this flash movie from the official site. I guess they decided to save the best for last.

September 22 2005

(SPOILER) SMG talks about her role in"Southland Tales". She didn't apply for the lead, but ended up getting the lead. Beware that the article contains plots details about the movie. More...

September 18 2005

Sarah Michelle Gellar on her new movie 'Southland Tales'. Very informative interview over at

August 16 2005

(SPOILER) 'Southland Tales' script review! For those of you who want to know more about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new movie, look no further.

July 20 2005

"Southland Tales" Movie Poster Released. The promotion for Sarah Michelle Gellar's as yet unfilmed movie continues, a new poster revealing its apparent new logo, and the shock revelation that Sarah Michelle Gellar is billed underneath....The Rock?

July 05 2005

SMG's Southland Tales character has her own website. More...

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