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January 28 2013

Nerdist website interviews Steven S. DeKnight. He talks about the final season of his show Spartacus: War of the Damned. Mild spoilers about the new season.

July 24 2012

Steven S. DeKnight Interview on Forbes about Spartacus Legends Video Game. Video interviews from ComicCon of DeKnight, Liam McIntyre talking about Spartacus Legends, the brand new console game for Playstation and XBox that will be available in January. More...

June 04 2012

'Spartacus' to end next season. Steven S. DeKnight says "I would much rather end a series with the audience wanting more than limping to the finish line, with only the die-hard fans sticking around for the wrap up."

May 02 2012

Cabin's Anna Hutchison joining season 3 of Spartacus. The actress joins the regular cast of the Starz series, which was created by Steven S. DeKnight - who is also known for his work on Buffy and Angel the Series.

April 25 2012

Maurissa Tancharoen makes the top ten of women of color behind the camera. Alyssa Rosenberg lists the women whose careers you should follow.

September 30 2011

Steven S. DeKnight Signs Two Year Deal with Starz. This is the network's first time signing any talent to an overall deal. Mr. DeKnight's work has been an important part of the network's new focus on original programming.

July 17 2011

Attend! It Is the Birthday of Jed Whedon! Harken! He rocks, often literally. Plus: Dollhouse comic! More...

April 21 2011

Think Hero's video interview with Steven DeKnight. They talk about Spartacus, casting a new lead actor, Joss Whedon, interacting with fans, and more.

February 23 2011

(SPOILER) Steven S. DeKnight talks 'Spartacus' with IGN. Steven, along with stars Lucy Lawless and Peter Mensah, discuss what to expect from Season 2. More...

January 28 2011

Interview with Steven DeKnight. It covers Spartacus, Dollhouse and The Man.

June 16 2010

Comic Con panel details for Steven DeKnight's Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Panel guests announced for Friday 7/23, as well as a "Wrath of Con" party with cast in attendance. More...

April 22 2010

10 Questions for Spartacus' Steven S. DeKnight. "I come from the Joss Whedon camp, having worked on Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse, and fully share his love and fascination for strong women. Moving forward I will continue to develop these kinds of roles..." More...

January 25 2010

Spartacus premiere ratings set Starz record. Great news for Dollhouse alumns Steven DeKnight, Andrew Chambliss, Tracy Bellomo, Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon.

January 05 2010 tags Spartacus: Blood And Sand as one of January's Best New TV Shows. "Could very well prove the Not At All Guilty Pleasure of the season." More...

September 21 2009

Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson Interview Captain Tight--er Hammer --er Pants. Part One of Whitney's interview with Nathan Fillion is up. Castle, Dr. Horrible, and various fan questions. More...

August 26 2009

(SPOILER) Preview of Steven DeKnight's comic book prequel for Spartacus. One reviewer said of Spartacus: Blood and Sands #1 "If you couldn't care less about a bunch of mostly naked, sweaty, buff men hacking each other to tiny bits, well then just walk past this one and on to whatever it is you enjoy reading".

August 02 2009

How TV's new Spartacus will 'bend' history. SciFi Wire interview with Stephen DeKnight about their new show Spartacus: Blood and Sand. More...

July 25 2009

Trailer for Stephen DeKnight's Spartacus: Blood and Sand now online (NSFW). This is the trailer that premiered yesterday at the Comic Con panel. More...

January 12 2009

Lots of details on Steven DeKnight's new Starz show, Spartacus. The new series will be "a totally R-rated-hard-hard show," say producers Rob Tapert and Steven S. DeKnight... More...

October 27 2008

Steven DeKnight helms Spartacus. Joss posted at the weekend here that Steven has moved on from his Dollhouse consulting producer gig, and The Hollywood Reporter has details on his new series. Well done Steve!

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