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June 20 2007

Digital effects artist Bryan Whitaker live interview on 'Film Nut'. In 30 minutes (8PM PDT, 3AM UTC/GMT) the live, *interactive* webcast show will interview a Zoic Studios digital effects artist from "Buffy" "Angel," and "Firefly" (and "How I Met Your Mother" and "Dracula 2000"). Also at Archive. More...

April 07 2007

Unstoppable Green Screen Technology. The New York Times hearts the special effects in Drive. (Registration required.)

July 31 2006

Interview with Emile Edwin Smith, Zoic Studios' Visual Effects Supervisor for Firefly/Serenity. NewTek interviews Smith of Zoic Studios, who worked closely with Loni Peristere, the VFX supervisor on the show and film. More...

December 19 2005

Loni Peristere (Firefly/Serenity special effects) will be signing DVDs from 4 to 6 tomorrow, 12/20/05, at the Venice Blvd Hollywood Video.

February 28 2004

Todd McIntosh, special effects makeup artist. Official homepage.

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