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"Well, personally? I kinda want to slay the dragon."
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March 06 2017

A slayer's lineage: 9 pop culture precusors to Buffy. In honor of Buffy's 20th anniversary, The A.V. Club cites various works that influenced and/or paved the way for the show's creation.

July 23 2008

Buffy makes it to the title match in Redeye's Best Superhero Ever Tournament. Buffy defeated Superman and moves into the title match. More...

June 14 2008

Should Joss write Spidey? Based on Joss's writing of Spider-Man in Astonishing X-Men, should he be given his own arc(s)? This guy thinks so.

October 08 2006

A review of "Stan Lee Meets The Amazing Spider-Man". Joss' story "Some Steves" gets praised for its comedy. And what wasn't there to love about Hedgehog Man? And for the Whedon completist, there's a Joss quote on the front cover of "The Losers: Endgame" tpb was released late last month More...

September 27 2006

Interview With Joss On "Stan Lee Meets". A short interview with Joss and the other writers of the "Stan Lee Meets" stories.

September 26 2006

Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man Comes Out Tomorrow. Features an original tale by Joss with Michael Gaydos, involving an interdimensional comic con.

June 20 2006

Marvel's September solicitations include "Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man", with a story by Joss, and Astonishing X-Men #17. More...

May 31 2006

Joss Whedon to write Stan Lee tribute story. It's all to celebrate Stan Lee's 65th anniversary with Marvel Comics. Brian Bendis broke the news to Stan in an interview at the revamped Wizard site. Update: Joss' story isn't really about Spider-Man but instead it's "an inter-dimensional comic book convention" tale according to Newsarama. More...

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