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September 16 2005

Chart positions for Whedonverse comics in August. Four relevant comic books came out for Whedonverse fans last month so how did they chart in the Top 300 Diamond List? Well Astonishing X-Men #12 came in at No. 5, Serenity #2 reached No. 47, Angel: The Curse #3 got to No. 148 and last but not least Spike: Old Times came in at No. 192. Updated to show estimated sales figures. More...

September 04 2005

Peter David clarifies some aspects of Spike: Old Times. In answering a continuity query about the comic book which gave us Spike's name in full (William Pratt), he says "My guess would be right after Xander's wedding imploded."

August 24 2005

Double the fun for Buffyverse comic book readers. The highly anticipated Spike one-shot 'Old Times' written by Peter David gets released today at a retail price of $7.49. Also out is #3 of the Angel mini-series 'The Curse' with a choice of four variant covers.

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