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July 20 2007

The CW's Dawn Ostroff comments on the Spike movie. She tells reporters "We typically don't do movies of the week but never say never. But we have not had conversations with Joss Whedon about a Spike movie". And according to MSNBC, she added we "would love to be in business with Joss". More...

May 17 2006

'Not Fade Away' - the latest fan campaign for the Spike DVD movie. If you're interested in showing support to get a Buffyverse straight-to-DVD movie released, well there's details at Support

April 25 2006

Mercedes McNab Interview on She talks about her new movie Hatchet and opines on the state of the Spike movie.

April 12 2006

(SPOILER) "None. Zero. Zilch" - No talk of a Spike movie for The CW according to TV Guide's Mike Ausiello's source. Given that the much rumoured project is apparently supposed to be a Direct-to-DVD release anyhow, this comes as no great surprise (spoilers for US shows on this page). More...

March 23 2006

Clip of Joss Interview from the UK's MTV Screenplay is online. For those of us not living in the UK, you can now watch a video clip online containing a portion of the Joss Whedon interview where he mentions the Spike movie. More...

February 14 2006

Joss Whedon talks about his projects. Transcript and video interview with Joss from the recent premiere of 'Date Movie'. Likelihood of a Serenity sequel, the current status of the Spike movie, the Wonder Woman script and casting, Goners and Astonishing X-Men all get discussed.

February 10 2006

Alyson Hannigan & David Boreanaz interview at E! Online. Kristin chats with Alyson about How I Met Your Mother and asks if she will return to the Buffyverse. There's also a brief interview with David Boreanaz about Bones. More...

December 27 2005

Michael Ausiello has some wishes for Christmas. "Just in case my 2005 wish list got lost in the mail, I'm posting it again here."

October 28 2005

Matt Roush Would Love to See a Spike Movie. The last question on the page. More...

October 25 2005

On Point Pleasant and Prison Break - Marti Noxon tells all. A somewhat jolly interview with her at TV Guide. There's also some discussion of the proposed Spike movie as well.

September 28 2005

Ask Ausiello Interviews Joss. Mike Ausiello at asks Joss questions about Serenity, his upcoming appearance on Veronica Mars, what's up with the possible Spike movie, how far he's gotten on the Wonder Woman script, and more. Quite comprehensive, but short. No spoilers.

August 18 2005

Watch with Kristin - James Marsters Chat. About a Spike movie: " I just got off the phone with someone who talked to Joss [Whedon] yesterday, who claimed that it was very much on the front burner. " More...

August 04 2005

MTV reports on latest Spike movie rumours. Their interpretation of Alyson Hannigan's latest remarks is that it's headed for the big screen. However James' manager says the project is "nothing we have on our radar at this moment." Also click here to read a brief blurb about what Kristen has to say about a Spike movie. More...

July 25 2005

Joss Is Too Busy To Work On A Spike Movie (apparently). Janollari deserves a couple of points for adding a new excuse to one of his generic answers.

July 22 2005

WB to fans: We'll 'gladly' do a Spike TV movie. Fans to WB: Heard it all before.

July 20 2005

Kristen reports that the Spike DVD rumor is unfounded.

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