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September 12 2013

How Hollywood ruins relationships with Kristen Connolly. Our favorite "Virgin" stars in a CollegeHumor spoof story "of love, loss and whether Deep Impact is better than Armageddon".

April 26 2012

(SPOILER) Aubrey Plaza re-enacts classic Buffy scene. The Parks and Recreations star re-enacts a Buffy and Angel scene from "Graduation Day, Part 2" for Michael Ausiello's spoiler show (clip begins at 3:50 mark). There may be some Parks and Recs spoilers.

September 22 2009

Fran Kranz is Blue in Megabot (NSFW). Fran Kranz stars in this wonderfully awesome Voltron spoof, Megabot. The Megabot team is out to save the world... again. All they need to do is beat existential dread, alcoholism, and Visigourd. More...

May 06 2009

Seth Green Plans To Spoof Voltron in New Adult Swim Show. After his successfful "Robot Chicken" series, everyone's favorite werewolf will produce "Titan Maximum". It's a takeoff on Voltron and similar anime where a group of teens protect the universe with their giant robot. Green plays one of those teens who has decided to turn evil, and the "good guys" aren't so smart. More...

April 09 2009

Dollhouse/Spike crossover cancelled. A well-timed spoof.

September 03 2008

Promo ad for the Firefly web browser. It's even shinier than Chrome.

March 08 2008

Cineprov! - An Evening of Buffy Fun. "Atlanta's premier movie mockery show is excited to announce An Evening of Buffy Fun in conjunction with Relapse Theatre". More...

October 12 2005

(SPOILER) Serenity in 2000 Words or Less. A highly entertaining piss-take (contains many major spoilers).

July 16 2005

Firefly Fan Film: Mosquito. Watch this amazing video (29 MB Quicktime) - Nathan Town spoofs Joss Whedon's Firefly. More...

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