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June 13 2012

Gemeni's album released today, featuring Buffy-inspired song "A Stake In My Heart". Dark Horse's #MyBuffyLife contest runner-ups and Buffy Season 9 Comics Chosen Podcast's Lisa and Gina Gomez's album was released on iTunes today, featuring Buffy inspired song "A Stake In My Heart" and an instrumental song called "Something Effulgent" based off of Buffy episode "Fool for Love". More...

March 29 2007

Mr. Pointy prop replica signed. A Diamond Select Toys exclusive, Mr. Pointy is for sale at DST's store, for only $45 and signed by Bianca Lawson. Limited to only 200.

June 29 2005

New Buffy "Plush" Stake Replica. Nice and safe for the kids at Halloween, but I think it looks like an old, rather dirty carrot.

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