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January 20 2014

Chloe Bennet and Elizabeth Henstridge talk upcoming Agents of SHIELD guest stars. Zap2it conducted the interview at the ABC TCA few days ago.

January 07 2014

Stan Lee will appear on Agents of SHIELD. He told The Hollywood Reporter that it's a "big role".

May 02 2013

The horrible secret behind every Stan Lee cameo. "The mustachioed strangers have been at the scene of every disaster and attack since superheroes started showing up."

August 17 2012

Extended version of Nathan Fillion's "Cocktails with Stan" episode. Now with a whole 18 minutes of our dear Captain Tight-Pants chatting with the Stan himself.

August 04 2012

Watch "Adam Baldwin - Cocktails with Stan - Ep13" on YouTube. Comic book legend Stan Lee and co-host Jenna Busch interview Adam Baldwin about Firefly and ComicCon on Stan's YouTube program "Cocktails With Stan." More...

July 11 2012

Browncoats in Bingo! Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying created a bingo card for San Diego Comic-Con, including Stan Lee and a Browncoat!

June 01 2012

Felicia Day has cocktails with Stan Lee! They talk about comics, games, The Guild and more.

May 12 2012

Jane Espenson talks (and drinks cocktails) with Stan Lee. In which they discuss flawed characters, Buffy and some Joss. More...

March 21 2012

Stan Lee: "The Avengers cameo [...] is possibly one of my best". Stan Lee discusses his upcoming Marvel cameos.

February 22 2012

Trailer for Comic-Con: Episode IV: A Fan's Hope. The movie will be released April 6th. YouTube link courtesy popgoestheshelby. More...

September 09 2011

Stan Lee on his Avengers cameo, and on Joss. The man praises Joss, but "questions" one small decision regarding Lee's traditional Marvel film cameo.

August 18 2011

Morgan Spurlock on his Comic-Con documentary. "This time, it just might work."

August 03 2011

Comic-Con: Episode IV to premiere at 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. It's part of the documentary line-up for the festival, which runs September 8 to 18. More...

August 02 2011

A geek dream team. Morgan Spurlock talks about "Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope", documentaries, and much other geekish and non-geekish stuff. More...

May 20 2010

That documentary about Comic-Con is a go. Directed by Morgan Spurlock, executive produced by Joss, Stan Lee, and Harry Knowles. More...

April 18 2010

Stan Lee comments about Joss Whedon directing The Avengers. "I think it's wonderful. The man is so talented. He's really great. He's gonna do a good job."

October 08 2006

A review of "Stan Lee Meets The Amazing Spider-Man". Joss' story "Some Steves" gets praised for its comedy. And what wasn't there to love about Hedgehog Man? And for the Whedon completist, there's a Joss quote on the front cover of "The Losers: Endgame" tpb was released late last month More...

September 27 2006

Interview With Joss On "Stan Lee Meets". A short interview with Joss and the other writers of the "Stan Lee Meets" stories.

September 26 2006

Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man Comes Out Tomorrow. Features an original tale by Joss with Michael Gaydos, involving an interdimensional comic con.

September 07 2006

First look at Joss' Stan Lee tribute story. Look being the operative word here as the two preview pages are sans dialogue. But hey it's Joss paying tribute to Stan, what's there not to love? This issue should be out at the end of the month.

May 31 2006

Joss Whedon to write Stan Lee tribute story. It's all to celebrate Stan Lee's 65th anniversary with Marvel Comics. Brian Bendis broke the news to Stan in an interview at the revamped Wizard site. Update: Joss' story isn't really about Spider-Man but instead it's "an inter-dimensional comic book convention" tale according to Newsarama. More...

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