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November 16 2006

Fox orders three more episodes of "Standoff." Fox's hostage drama, starring Gina Torres with Tim Minear as a consulting producer, has been given six more episodes -- upping its first season to nineteen episodes in total.

November 01 2006

(SPOILER) David Boreanaz interview in latest Fox promo. There are also spoilers for Standoff and other shows. Bones is back on tonight at 8:00 pm. More...

October 12 2006

Fox has picked up three additional scripts from "Standoff". As reported earlier Tim Minear has also recently come aboard this show. More...

October 03 2006

Fox Fall TV Line up Launches on MySpace. Among the shows you can catch previously-aired episodes of at myspace, starting today, are verse related shows Bones and Standoff.

September 26 2006

Tim Minear joins 'Standoff'. He comes in as a consulting producer and is tapped to run day-to-day operations. He'll be given time to catch up as "the production on the series was suspended this week in order to let the writers "catch up"". More...

September 12 2006

Gina Torres on Standoff and Serenity. Find out more about her new show and why she's relieved that there's no sequel to Serenity.

September 05 2006

A not so positive review for Gina Torres' new show Standoff. "Hostage drama "Standoff" should have been comedy". In related news, there's also a review for Chiwetel "The Operative" Ejiofor new movie "Children of Men" here.

August 19 2006

New preview videos of Gina Torres' series "Standoff." IGN has added new videos (including a tour of the set) to its web page on "Standoff," the new Gina Torres series from Fox, which premieres on Tuesday, September 5 (after the season premiere of "House"). More...

July 25 2006

Fox unveils Fall series premiere dates . Bones gets late August premiere date and Standoff premieres the following week. More...
Michael Ausiello reports on Fox's TCA Press tour Day 1. He has some comments about Gina Torres and about her missing Firefly's ship.

June 21 2006

Fox announces new season premiere dates. Find out when Fox will premiere Gina's new show and when we'll see new episodes of Bones and Prison Break.

June 14 2006

(SPOILER) The Futon Critic review new seasons pilots. They will review the pilot of every new show for 2006-2007 Season. Gina Torres' "Standoff", Leonard Roberts' "Heroes" and Carlos Jacott's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" have all been reviewed. More...

May 24 2006

Gina Torres' "Standoff" trailer shown during American Idol finale. More...

May 18 2006

Fox unveils its schedule for 2006-2007 season. Shows with some relation to Whedon cast and crew include: Standoff, Prison Break, Bones, 24.

May 16 2006

Gina Torres's "Primary" renamed by Fox. New title: "Standoff."

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