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July 17 2014

New QMx Buffy Maquette announced. A new Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1:10 scale polystone Buffy statue just announced to release in Q4 by QMx. Pricing TBD. Seems new BtVS merch is popping up all over.

June 28 2007

River is Triumphant Today. Chris at has an interview with Michael Leavey of Diamond Select Toys about their newly-released "River Triumphant" statue. More...

May 25 2007

'Inara Strikes' statue. Diamond Select Toys has released information and pictures of their upcoming Inara statue.

November 12 2006

New prestige Buffy 16" statue now on sale. At a "holy crap, how much?" price of $375. Also at Time and Space, you can pre-order Fred's 'Feigenbaum the Bunny' from Angel season 5. Tis awfully cute.

September 05 2006

DST Finds Serenity with 'River Triumphant' Statue. "Diamond Select Toys is excited to announce the latest addition to Joss Whedon's Serenity 'verse - this incredibly detailed statue depicting River's triumphant victory over the savage Reavers."

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