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September 23 2011

Stephanie Romanov interview on SciFiandTvTalk. Great interview with Stephanie about her time on Angel.

November 05 2010

Report and pics from last weekend's Hallowhedon 2 Convention. Tony Head, Robin Sachs, Stephanie Romanov, Jewel Staite and Alan Tudyk were the guests and the event looked like a lot of fun.

January 24 2007

Happy Birthday to Stephanie Romanov, today.

March 25 2006

Global Pop covers Wizard World and has interviews from the Verse. Talking with a gentleman, a cop, and two evil lawyers and finding what makes them pop with culture.

March 24 2006

A few moments with Stephanie Romanov, Christian Kane and Elizabeth Rohm. Brief interviews with these guests from the Booster Entertainment booth at Wizard World in Los Angeles.

January 23 2006

Happy Birthday to Stephanie Romanov. Angel's favorite female attorney, Lilah Morgan.

January 17 2006

Stephanie Romanov to attend Wizard World. Booster Entertainment will be an exhibitor at Wizard World LA March 17-19 and they are bringing some friends.

May 28 2003

Night Bites: Women and their Vampires. A documentary about the atttraction of vampires on the WE channel tonight at 10pm ET. Anne Rice, Stephanie Romanov and Marti Noxon give their views. More...

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