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October 22 2007

Steven DeKnight's new show 'Viva Laughlin' gets the axe. CBS cancels it after just two episodes.

September 13 2007

Steve DeKnight talks about his new show 'Viva Laughlin'. It's a musical comedy drama based on the BBC series 'Viva Blackpool'.

October 28 2005

Smallville goes Buffy (no really). Apparently last night's Smallville was either a homage to or piss take of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Well Steven DeKnight wrote the episode and James Marsters starred in it. So did it seem like old times? More...

July 26 2005

Steve DeKnight pens eps 2 and 5 of Smallville Season 5. Titled "Mortal" and "Thirst" respectively. More...

May 06 2004

Steve DeKnight posts at the Bronze Beta and says it was never his intent to poke fun at the hard core fans in last night's episode (which he co-wrote with Drew Goddard). His four posts are in green font. More...

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