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December 17 2012

Eliza vs Felicia vs Joss? It must be The Streamy Awards. All three of them got nominated for Best Guest Appearance. Felicia also got nominated for Best Writing: Comedy.

March 01 2010

Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day, and Horrible Turn get Streamys nominations. Amongst the many nominations for the second annual awards for web series: Nathan (Guest Star), Felicia (Writing for a Comedy, Female Actor in a Comedy, Ensemble Cast), and fan film Horrible Turn (Original Music). More...

March 26 2009

Dr. Horrible wins Streamy Award for original music (Jed Whedon). And reportedly Jed gave the "best speech", and the work also won for editing (Lisa Lassek) and cinematography (Ryan Green).

March 17 2009

Dr. Horrible now up for "Audience Choice" in the Streamy Awards. (As is The Guild.) Voting has begun on the only audience-voting award for the Streamys, whose regular nominations were mentioned here the other day. You can cast one vote per day for your favorite show, up until March 28. More...

January 20 2009

Nominate Dr. Horrible for the first annual Streamy Awards. The deadline is Jan 23rd.

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