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September 05 2008

Writers Guild of America heads acknowledge the success of Dr. Horrible. In an otherwise depressing article about how the moguls are not living up to the new contract, WGA West president Patric Verrone and WGA East president Michael Winship call Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog one of the "most successful" current new media projects. More...

February 19 2008

The making of Negotiations - A short film featuring Joss Whedon. How Joss helped out a budding filmmaker. More...

February 11 2008

'Negotiations' - a strike film. It features Joss and fellow Whedonesquers.
After the strike: when will your favourite show return? Want to know when Whedon alum shows like *deep breath* Bones, 24, Lost, Bionic Woman, Chuck, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Smallville, Supernatural, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Women's Murder Club are likely to be coming back? Well TV Guide's Ausiello has a handy list.

February 09 2008

When Michael Muhney met Joss Whedon on the picket line. And more pics of Joss picketing on SciFi Strike Day can be found at WireImage and Getty Images.

February 06 2008

From Joss Whedon: Do Not Adjust Your Mindset. On United Hollywood, Joss reminds us that the strike "is not over. Nor is it close. Until the moment it is over, it can never be close".

February 04 2008

"I wanted to be sure..." Variety talks to Joss today on the strike lines, amidst the swirling and as-yet entirely unconfirmed rumors that a deal is imminent. More...

February 01 2008

WGA Strike - The Writer's Life (and Jane's knees) in this video from the picket line. Shot in Burbank by AlphaT0ne, it features interviews with our own Jane Espenson and fellow WGA writers Patti Carr and Tom Schulman, all talking while walking at the recent Martin Luther King Day picket. More...

January 31 2008

Cash for the Crew update - own fandom history. "We've added some new items to the raffle. We've also extended our deadline by one day. So if you've decided that you really want that copy of the Save FF ad, signed by Joss, you've got until 11:59 PM tomorrow". You know you want to.

January 16 2008

Joss Whedon, the face of the strike? Joss is pictured with a CNN story about late night TV during the strike.

December 24 2007

"Buffy" writer signs letter urging AMPTP to restart talks with writers. Pilot season, where new shows are born, is supposed to start next month, but dozens of projects could be threatened by the writer's strike. Rebecca Rand Kirshner, who wrote several Buffy episodes including "Tabula Rasa", "Hell's Bells" and "Potential", is joining more than a hundred writers with pilot projects in signing a letter to the AMPTP to come back to the bargaining table. More...

December 20 2007

WGA Picket Line Food Drive Gathers a Ton of Food! Quite literally. Just wanted to help ensure that this collection of small acts of generosity did not go unnoticed. Together they are a mighty steamroller of good will. More...

December 18 2007

Cash for the Crew - a fandom campaign. A chance to help crew members affected by the production shutdown. If you make a donation to The Work Stoppage Fund and forward the acknowledgement onto Crew for the Crew, you get a change to win signed scripts donated by striking writers. This is a really worthwhile thing to do especially at this time of year. More...

December 15 2007

"We have something else, we got crazy eyes". A clip of Joss' ace speech in Boston has made its way onto YouTube. If you want more coverage of the strike rally, then click here for a video from The Cambridge Chronicle. Amongst other things, there's an interview with Joss himself. ETA: All the speeches, including Joss' one in full, can be found here.

December 14 2007

"This is about people just trying to protect their right to make a living". Joss talks about the strike in this interview with KFI AM 640, a Los Angeles radio station.

December 13 2007

Who are the REAL heroes? Joss thinks happy thoughts. Nothing gross. Not THAT happy. More...

December 10 2007

The Boston TV Party. "TV writers Joss Whedon, Rob Kutner and Jaime Paglia throw a "Boston TV Party" to fuel support for the picket-sidelined scribes". After the TV Party, the writers will be going to Pandemonium Books in Central Square to meet the fans and sign stuff.
First march of the Mutant Enemy. Fan documentary of the year.

December 09 2007

Buffy fan gives a report on Mutant Enemy Day in L.A. A site called, run by Monique, has a report on who she met at Mutant Enemy Day last Friday. It even includes some of the guests from the recent Browncoat Cruise, and that's only the beginning.

December 07 2007

Live coverage from the Mutant Enemy day picket line. Fans4Writers has a handy Twitter feed if you want to follow what's going on. And click here to find out how you can win a bag signed by the writers and the actors at the picket line. ETA: Go here for pics. More...

December 05 2007

Joss Whedon To Speak On United Hollywood Live. Joss will be discussing the Mutant Enemy picket day today at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

December 03 2007

Thespians To Grace Protestation. A few actors have signed on for the M.E. picket. BUT WHICH ONES? More...

November 29 2007

Smallville challenges Buffy fans to a duel by pencils. United Hollywood posts an update on the Pencils2MediaMoguls campaign, including a photograph of a pallet of pencils. More...

November 20 2007

Ben Edlund marches down Hollywood Blvd. In a small group of pictures posted to Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily blog, Edlund marches as a WGA member with his daughter Ezra. Besides being the creator of The Tick, he's known to us for writing/directing on Firefly and Angel.
Joss shuts down Hollywood Boulevard. Well, not just him, a few other writers helped. EW blogs about today's rally and talks briefly to His Purpleness.
More encounters with Joss on the picket line. A blogger relates his tale of how he met Joss and how getting a handshake could have gone horribly wrong.

November 18 2007

Writers deserve most of the royalties. Buffy alum George Hertzberg is featured in this report on a Pepperdine survey regarding public reaction to the writer's strike.

November 17 2007

Arise and Seize the Pencils... Our Evil(it's not evil) Master(we're not masters) Plan is ready to unleash(it's not a dog).(!) More...

November 16 2007

Mutant Enemy day at Fox. If you're wondering when the band gets back together, it'll be on Friday Dec 7th. Should be very cool to see all the former Mutant Enemy staffers together on the picket line.

November 13 2007 Scribe Vibe (WGA strike blog) covers Fans4Writers. Variety's strike blog interviews a few Whedonesque members who are among the organizers of Fans4Writers. More...

November 07 2007

Pics of Joss, Marti and Drew on the picket lines. Also tentative details about a Buffy day where former Mutant Enemy staffers will gather at one picket line. More...

November 06 2007

More Joss Strike Talk. IN WHICH Joss goes on again about all things Guildy. More...

November 05 2007

Members of support the WGA writers' strike. To show our support for WGA writers currently on strike, members of delivered pizza to the picket lines at Universal, L.A.: "You fed our minds, we'd like to return the favor." More...
Buffy season 8 writer Brian K. Vaughan explains WGA strike. On his MySpace blog, Brian K. Vaughan talks about what's behind the Writers Guild strike, how it affects comic books (he has more time for them now), comic book adaptations, and his work as a writer and co-producer on "Lost" for this season. More...

November 04 2007

Want to meet Jane Espenson? She'll be marching at Universal. Jane will be marching Monday morning. Posted at her blog: "And if any of you are in Los Angeles, and want to show support, or just learn more about the issues, please come out and join us. I personally intend to be at (well, just outside of) Universal Studios tomorrow from nine to one, along with other writers from Battlestar, Eureka, CSI and Desperate Housewives -- drop by and say "hi." Or drive by and honk." More...

October 26 2007

David Fury on a possible WGA strike. The Watcher talks to various writers about the negotiations and chances for a strike come midnight on Halloween. Things are looking pretty gloomy out there for our mid season series like 24 (Fury's current series) and Lost. More...

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