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November 01 2011

(SPOILER) NYCC '11: Interview with Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie. brought by insertgeekhere. Allie talks about Buffy S9 and his experience in dealing with fans, Star Wars/Serenity flip book, Sugar Shock and Dr. Horrible comics.

September 01 2010

Spike Scream Awards 2010 Open for Voting. A few of our peeps are nominated! Julie Benz, Morena Baccarin and Fabio Moon! Go vote! Btw Joss Whedon was on the advisory board that chose the nominees.

April 07 2010

MTV's ADAPT THIS asks for Sugarshock the Animated Musical. Right? Right?!!! So do I. More...

March 22 2010

(SPOILER) An epic interview with Scott Allie. The transcript of Mike Russell's wide-ranging interview with Scott Allie about the Whedonverse, comics, and sundries. Plus: hear how the Twilight reveal fiasco went down. Marked spoilers mainly for artwork from the upcoming Serenity comics. More...

October 21 2009

Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon's 'Sugarshock' out this week. The Dark Horse one-shot collects the three chapters from the MySpace Dark Horse Presents website and also has "never-before-seen character designs, page layouts, and promotional images". Also out this week is John Byrne's 'Angel vs Frankenstein' comic book and the Spike omnibus.

September 18 2009

Fabio Moon discusses Sugarshock. Along with some of his other work in an interview with Broken Frontier. The print version of Sugarshock arrives October 21.

August 13 2009

A Comic Con red carpet interview with Joss Whedon. In which he manages to talk about if Firefly is coming back, the Dr Horrible sequel, the new Buffy movie (and use an Astonishing X-Men analogy for it), Buffy seasons 8 and 9 and Sugarshock! all in the space of 85 seconds.

July 14 2009

(SPOILER) Cover art and plot details for Buffy #29. The fourth part of Jane Espenson's arc will be out in October. And fans of Sugarshock will be pleased to hear that they'll be able to buy it in single issue format that month as well.

October 07 2008

Take 25% off 'Verse Items During "Whedon Days" at TFAW. More...

September 25 2008

Original Sugarshock art for sale. Fabio Moon and his brother Gabriel Ba have put up some of their original comic book art for sale. They post about it here: "Finally, original Art for sale!". The first link goes directly to the sale page.

August 18 2008

MySpace Dark Horse Presents TPB Vol. 1 Comes Out Wednesday. According to Diamond Previews. This includes all three parts of Sugarshock. More...

July 26 2008

Joss wins two Eisners. Best New Series (Buffy: Season 8 by by Joss Whedon, Brian K. Vaughan, Georges Jeanty, and Andy Owens) and Best Digital Comic (Sugarshock, by Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon).

April 14 2008

Joss Whedon, Sugarshock! and Buffy Season 8 nominated for 2008 Eisner Awards. Buffy is nominated for "Best Continuing Series" and "Best New Series", Sugarshock! for "Best Digital Comic" and Joss is up for "Best Writer". More...

April 07 2008

Sugarshock! in print. In amongst the Dark Horse solicitations for September is the "Myspace Dark Horse Presents Volume 1", featuring none other than the axe-wielding (musical axe, not literal), Viking-despising Dandelion. More...

December 21 2007

Sugarshock makes Webcomics' Top 10 list for 2007. Calls it "easily the best webcomic to come out from an established comic-book publishing house... ever." Meanwhile, ComixTalk's end-of-year roundtable says of online comics, "if Dark Horse, say, treats [Sugarshock] ... as more than a one-off promotional deal, then we'll know we've turned the corner."

December 19 2007

The Dark Horse holiday card. It features a welcome glimpse of Dandelion Naizen and Melaka Fray.

October 16 2007

SC3: Slayage Conference on the Whedonverses. Call for papers for the 3rd academic conference on All Things Whedon, sponsored by Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies, June 5-8, 2008 More...

October 04 2007

(SPOILER) Interview with Scott Allie. The podcast Strangely Literal talks with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie about Buffy Season 8, Sugarshock and Firefly comics. More...

October 03 2007

Sugarshock part 3 - "The greatest story ever blogged". The first two parts of Joss and Fabio's indescribably wonderful tale can be found here and here.
(SPOILER) The Slayer's Footprints - an interview with Scott Allie. The Dark Horse editor gives Fractal Matter the lowdown on Joss, Buffy season 8, Sugarshock and the next Serenity comic book mini-series (including the March release date).

September 05 2007

Sugarshock Issue No. 2 is now online. The link is to the easier to read, full-page version of the online book. To go to the Dark Horse Presents myspace page, which contains Sugarshock as well as other items on offer, click here. And if you missed the first part of Sugarshock, then it can be found here.

August 06 2007

A interview with Joss (via NY Post). I'm putting this under general because it covers everything. Includes in the Firefly/Serenity bit my current favorite idea: Radio.

August 01 2007

'Another moment on the Olympus of fame'. Gabriel Ba explains Joss' visit to his and Fabio Moon's table at Comic-Con, and the genesis of Joss' awesome t-shirt of Dandelion from his and Moon's new Sugarshock online comic from Dark Horse. More...

July 27 2007

Sugarshock! An all new Joss Whedon story! Read the first part online at 'MySpace Dark Horse Presents'. For more info, read these Newsarama and Comic Book Resources articles. More...

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