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January 10 2011

From Bonkers to Badass: Whedon darling Summer Glau channels Alias on The Cape. The Cape's creator, Tom Wheeler, said he modeled Summer's character after Alias's Sydney Bristow.

December 23 2010

The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars. Eliza Dushku and Summer Glau are listed.

May 17 2010

Trailer for Summer Glau's new NBC show, The Cape. Airs midseason next spring. More...

March 12 2010

Summer Glau becomes crime-fighting blogger in NBC pilot. The Hollywood Reporter says Glau will be part of "The Cape" as a blogger named Orwell who helps the hero fight crime, and even gets into the battle herself. The show is about an ex-cop who's accused of a crime he didn't commit, and becomes a costumed hero to clear his name.

August 26 2009

Joss talks to Access Hollywood. Joss talks about Jamie Bamber, Alexis Denisof,Summer Glau, and if SMG might guest star in the future. Not really worth a spoiler tag unless you don't want to know when Summer could show up.

July 07 2009

BuddyTV's 50 Most Eligible Bachelorettes of 2009. Many Whedonverse ladies make the list.

May 10 2009

Whedonverse ladies on Maxim Hot 100 of 2009. Three of our gals Summer Glau (#87), Michelle Trachtenberg (#85) and Eliza Dushku (#6) made the list.

February 03 2009

(SPOILER) Summer Glau talks about return of "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles". February 13th may mark the premiere of "Dollhouse", but it's also the return of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer Glau and producer Josh Friedman give some details on what's coming. More...

February 02 2009

Whedontastic Friday the 13th! Tony Head will be starring in a new comedy on Channel 4 (UK), which premieres on the 13th. More...

June 10 2008

Catch up with Sarah Connor Chronicles in August. Fox will show the first season of "Sarah Connor Chronicles" starting August 10th. They'll show all nine episodes Sunday through Wednesday for two weeks, then show the finale on the 24th. The second season will start two weeks later. More...

April 29 2008

FOX to start airing Terminator repeats on Monday nights at 8:00pm. Starting August 11th. More...
Summer Glau Joins List of TV Guide's Sexiest Stars. It was a competitive race for Sexiest Sidekick, but Summer, as Cameron on "Sarah Connor Chronicles", won that category. She, and several other stars, will be featured in the "Sexiest Stars" issue on May 5th.

April 21 2008

It's Official! Fox Says They'll Be Back. The Hollywood Reporter says Fox has issued a 13-episode order for "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles". No word yet on a time slot, but that may be announced in upfonts next month.

April 19 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles will be back, TV Guide says. Michael Ausiello says he has several sources that say the show will return for a second season, altough Fox hasn't confirmed it officially. There's been hints the past few weeks that the show will return.

April 15 2008

Summer Glau nominated as one of TV Guide's Sexiest Stars. TV Guide is planning an issue on the Sexiest Stars on TV. Summer's in the list of nominees for Sexiest Sidekick. The results will be announced May 5th. More...

February 29 2008

Summer Glau is One of "30 Under 30". EW names her one of "the finest young stars in the Hollywood firmament". This is also the subject of the latest IMDB Poll (thanks, micro).

February 19 2008

Wizard Universe's Top 25 Sexiest Women on TV. A puzzling list, but containing quite a few of Joss' girls. More...

January 28 2008

Popular Mechanics compares all the Terminators, including Cameron. Popular Mechanics compares all of the Terminators in the movie/TV franchise, from Arnold Schwartzenegger to Summer Glau. According to the editors, the Cameron Phillips model seems to be very impressive.

January 15 2008

Summer Glau is IGN's "Babe of the Day" (again). This is at least the second time she's been "Babe of the Day" at IGN. Includes links to about 40 images.

January 11 2008

(SPOILER) USA Today Gives "Sarah Connor Chronicles" 3 1/2 out of 4 stars. While there's a lot of praise for Lena Headey as Sarah, reviewer Robert Bianco compares the writing of this show to Joss Whedon's work. He also praises Summer for giving her role as Cameron an "amusing enigmatic spin". More...

January 04 2008

See "Sarah Connor Chronicles" tonight...thanks to Yahoo! If you just can't wait to see Summer Glau in "Terminator: Sarah Conor Chronicles", Yahoo is providing a sneak peak of the pilot episode at 9 PM Pacific Time. The official premiere is next Sunday. More...

January 01 2008

Joss' Quiet Riot. More on the WGA strike from Dreamwatch Magazine. Joss and Summer Glau are interviewed, and there is mention of the organizers of fans4writers and the good works they do.

November 08 2007

Summer Glau on the Picket Line for WGA. Zack Stentz (writer,story editor for The Sarah Connor Chronicles) sent us these photos of the one and only Summer Glau along with fellow TSCC cast members and writing staff. Zack appears in these pics with Summer and would like to thank you all for your continued support. Updated! - two pics of DB on the line as well, thanks Jennie! Also a full cast photo for TSCC! More...

July 09 2007

This year's Comic-Con has a lot for Whedon Fans. The biggest day will be Saturday the 28th with the Dark Horse panel on Joss, but that will be up against the "Sarah Connor Chronicles" with Summer Glau. More...

February 09 2007

River vs. Terminator? IGN seems to suggest she plays something made by Skynet...

October 13 2006

"Initiation of Sarah" remake with Summer Glau coming Oct. 22. ABC Family has set a date for a remake of "The Initiation of Sarah". It will be on October 22nd as part of its "13 Days of Halloween" event. More...

September 20 2005

Serenity Premiere in Austin with Summer & Jewel on 9/28! An extremely limited number of tickets go on sale this Friday - but you can guarantee yourself a seat if you buy a badge for Fantastic Fest right now because all badgeholders get to attend the premiere for free! [NOTE: the premiere date has been moved up by one day. More...

August 25 2005

Session 22 - the next River Tam clip. More viral fun, this time Session 22.

July 26 2005

Summer thanks her fans for their birthday messages left on her forum. Bless.

July 24 2005

Happy Birthday Summer Glau! Everybodies favourite girl of chocolate is 24 today. You can leave her a message via her website forum which she will be picking up.

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