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January 07 2016

Summer Glau to guest on Castle! She'll play a private eye on the show.

November 17 2015

"Whedon fans in particular are devoted and loving" says Summer Glau. She was speaking to ahead of her first trip to Adelaide for Supanova Pop Culture Expo.

October 08 2015

Video of Summer Glau's panels from Comic Con Russia. In which much fun was had - most especially by Summer (if singing George Strait songs and dancing is any guide.) The link is to a video of the 2nd panel she did for the event - highlights of the 1st panel (including a hands-on fight choreography lesson) are floating out there as well. More...

August 23 2015

Watch Saturday's 'Firefly' Panel from this year's Chicago Comic Con. Featuring Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau having far too much fun.

July 23 2015

Happy birthday to Summer Glau. She turns 34 today. More...

December 22 2014

Why 'Firefly' and 'Jeff 1000' star Summer Glau loves making sci-fi. Indiewire talks to Summer Glau about what has emerged as the central focus of her film/tv acting career, in honor of her latest project - itself a collaboration with Wired Magazine.

December 15 2014

'Jeff 1000' starring Summer Glau . Summer stars in a 3 episode YouTube series about a 10' Tall Robot named Jeff. More...

December 10 2014

Summer Glau talks to io9 about Jeff 1000 and The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Jeff 1000 is her new web series, premiering December 15. The interview includes a trailer for it.

November 28 2014

Summer Glau's 'Knights of Badassdom' coming to Netflix. It will be available December 1st.

October 14 2014

'Sequestered' Returns. Catch the complete first season of the noirish legal drama, co-starring Summer Glau and featuring the directorial skills of Kevin Tancharoen, now streaming for free on

August 05 2014

Watch the first six episodes of Crackle's 'Sequestered.' Starring Summer Glau, Jesse Bradford, and Patrick Warburton. The final six 23-minute episodes of the 12 episode digital series are set to premier online on October 14th.

July 20 2014

Summer Glau wins Best Actress at Spain's Festival de Cine de L'Alfas del Pi. It is for her performance in the short film Inside the Box. More...

July 18 2014

First Look trailer for 'Sequestered' - starring Summer Glau. The Crackle original 12-episode legal-thriller miniseries starring Summer Glau and Jesse Bradford is set to premiere August 5th.

July 11 2014

'Sequestered' first Look. Co-starring Summer Glau, Jesse Bradford, and Patrick Warburton as well as featuring the directing talents of Kevin Tancharoen, Yahoo TV gives a first look at the promo art and synopsis for the upcoming original miniseries about a jury trial gone awry.

February 07 2014

(SPOILER) Knights of Badassdom is a sweet, gory tale of geek social life. io9's Annalee Newitz gives an in-depth analysis of what to expect from the long-awaited LARPing musical horror comedy. More...

January 13 2014

Watch an Exclusive Clip from 'Knights of Badassdom'. The film - which stars Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage and Summer Glau as LARPers in it over their heads - is set for a limited theatrical release on January 21st before going to VOD and Digital on february 11th. There is also an on-going text-based adventure prequel to the film going on here. In vaguely related news Maxim Magazine is curious about whom you would like to see featured on an upcoming magazine cover.

November 15 2013

Summer Glau to appear on tonight's 'The Late Late Show' with Craig Ferguson. According to the show's official upcoming guest list. More...

October 29 2013

(SPOILER) Summer Glau on Power Struggles, Jealousy and Superhero Suspicions. A discussion with the Hollywood Reporter about things yet to come (including the possibility of a Tam sibling reunion) in reference to her recurring role as Isabel Rochev on this season of Arrow. Update: A similar interview with ET Online may be found here. More...

September 19 2013

Sneak peek of Summer Glau on Arrow. The second season starts Wednesday, Oct. 9.

July 25 2013

Distributor picks up Knights of Badassdom, but which version? The longish-lost film featuring Summer Glau has been picked up in North America by eOne, but unanswered is which version we will be seeing, as earlier this year it was revealed that the film was taken away from the director.

July 24 2013

Happy Birthday Summer Glau! Our favorite ballerina, one-armed scientist and Reaver killer is 32 today.

May 30 2013

Summer talks about Texan Wind Energy. A short video on YouTube posted by Summer's official fansite (, where Summer talks about her home state's efforts to develop wind energy technology and infrastructure. More...

April 16 2013

Summer Glau to star opposite Elijah Wood in the upcoming 'Peter Panzerfaust' motion comic. As the voice of Wendy to Wood's Peter. They will also be joined by the voices of Dante Basco and Ron Perlman in the Peter Pan/WWII French Resistance mashup adaptation.

March 04 2013

Buyers beware - that's a butchered version of Knights Of Badassdom you're being offered. For all those wondering whatever became of this Dinklage/Glau/Zahn/Kwanten badass-spectacular: a little info.

February 11 2013

(SPOILER) Summer in Hawaii. Summer Glau guest stars in Hawaii Five-0 tonight. Since she's playing the daughter of a martial arts master, we'll get to see her in action. Marked Spoiler so we can discuss the show after it airs. More...

January 21 2013

Summer Glau to guest star on 'Hawaii Five-0'. As first revealed by cast member Daniel Dae Kim and now officially confirmed by

December 11 2012

First trailer for 'Inside the Box'. Starring Wilson Bethel, Summer Glau, and Regina King, 'Inside the Box' is a crowd funded short film from writer/director David Martin-Porras about the little-known global draconian phenomenon that is HIV criminalization. Go here for more info or check out the project's official Facebook and Twitter pages.

December 09 2012

"Help for the Holidays" staring Summer Glau premieres tonight on the Hallmark Channel. Santa's elf Christine is sent on a special assignment to Los Angeles to help a family in need of a wake-up call. More...

November 29 2012

Help for the Holidays: On Location. A brief behind-the-scenes video about the upcoming Christmas-themed Hallmark original movie starring Summer Glau and Eva La Rue. A short preview of the the film itself may also be found here.

November 20 2012

Sci-fi actress finds her elf in new role. The Houston Chronicle talks to Summer Glau about life and Christmas celebrations in advance of her latest tv movie endeavor, the Hallmark Channel's Help for the Holidays, due to premiere this December 9th at 7pm EST.

November 11 2012

TV Guide's Quick Take with Firefly - Comic-Con Edition. A short video from the TV Guide Magazine yacht covering some cast and crew reactions from right after the Comic-Con Firefly 10 Year Reunion Panel.

October 22 2012

Summer Glau to live tweet the Alphas Season Finale. Via the show's official twitter handle @AlphasSyfy. The fun starts Monday night at 8/7c.

October 20 2012

Summer Glau talks Alphas' big Season 2 finale. Plus, the actress comments on Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. series and ten years of Firefly.

October 15 2012

(SPOILER) Summer Glau on tonight's Alphas. Summer is back on Alphas tonight and in the season finale next week. 8/7c, Syfy.

August 27 2012

(SPOILER) Summer Glau guest stars on Alphas tonight. She guest stars in tonight's episode, "Alphaville" at 8/7c on Syfy and will be back in the last two episodes of the season, which air in October.

August 24 2012

(SPOILER) Summer Glau - An Extraordinary Summer. A discussion with Summer Glau about her return to the second season of SyFy's Alphas as well as tidbits about her past as a tv actor. Contains slight spoilers for the Alphas episode "Alphavile", premiering this Monday at 8pm ET on SyFy.

July 29 2012

Joss Whedon and Summer Glau on the red carpet. They were at last night's Celebration of Dance gala organised by The Dizzy Feet Foundation (Summer is on the Board of Directors). Pics can be found here.

July 23 2012

31 Years of Summer. Today is our beloved psychic killer woman, Dollhouse programmer and reprogrammed Terminator's 31st birthday! More...

July 16 2012

Nathan Fillion's second (and third) NerdHQ panel videos. Nathan charmed his way into getting a second full-on solo panel at Nerd Machine's NerddHQ on Sunday where he auctions off stuff for charity. Also, a video from Saturday's mystery panel with Zach Levi, Nathan, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau: Part 1 and Part 2. More...

July 05 2012

Summer Glau to return to "Alphas". She will guest in three episodes during Season 2.

June 22 2012

Not so dynamite: TNT decides to not pick up Summer's new show. According to Deadline TV - via fan site - TNT has chosen to pass on the pilot for Scent of the Missing, giving the nod to TV legend David E. Kelley's new creation, Monday Mornings in its stead. The proposed series would have been based around the stories from author Susannah Charleston's book Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog. More...

January 23 2012

Summer in Seattle. Summer Glau will be a guest star on Grey's Anatomy. Will she be a patient, doctor, family member, or a new crush? Which would you like to see her portray?

January 17 2012

Phase 4 acquires all rights to "The Legend of HellGate: An American Conspiracy". Summer Glau's film set in her Home State of Texas will evidently be released On Demand and to Theaters this coming Spring.

November 12 2011

Summer Glau interviewed by CBR about "The Human Preservation Project". It's an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) in which she plays a scientist named Natalia Suttinger. To be found at

October 19 2011

Interviews with actors at ComicCon: reaction edition. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

October 17 2011

Summer Glau On 'The Human Preservation Project' And Fandom. Some MTV coverage from the just-concluded New York Comic Con this weekend.

October 13 2011

Summer Glau debuts mysterious new project. Details on the Human Preservation Project are curiously scant at the moment, but official word has it that Summer will be making a last minute appearance for the transmedia entity's NY Comic Con debut tomorrow, Friday October 14th.

August 19 2011

'Alphas' promo pics featuring Summer Glau. Her episode is set to premier this Monday at 10pm EDT.

August 15 2011

Summer Glau in country music video. Keith Urban's new video clip "Long Hot Summer" featuring Summer Glau has been released.

July 24 2011

Happy birthday to Summer Glau! Raise a 'huzzah!' for Summer who turns 30 on this warm sunny day. More...

July 23 2011

Trailer for 'Knights of Badassdom' featuring Summer Glau. It was unveiled yesterday at Comic-Con.
Summer Glau to guest on 'Alphas'. The news was revealed at the show's Comic-Con panel.

July 15 2011

'Knights of Badassdom' first look. EW gives a First Look at the film about LARPing gone awry.

July 05 2011

Knights of Badassdom (w/ Summer Glau) at Comic-Con. Film trailer and panel discussion in Hall H on Saturday, July 23. In the film, LARPers accidentally summon a real succubus.

June 20 2011

Summer Glau Panel from Calgary Expo. Video of Summer Glau's panel appearance from last week's Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. She was also set to appear at this week's Starfury T3 Convention in London, but has had to cancel due to potential business conflicts.

June 15 2011

Summer Glau signs with United Talent Agency (UTA). She was previously with William Morris.

June 10 2011

Whedonesque nominated for 'Best Website' in the 2011 Portal Awards. Summer Glau got nominated for Best Actress/Television, Morena Baccarin for Best Supporting Actress/Television and Chris Hemsworth Best Actor/Film. Voting will begin on June 25th.

May 03 2011

Summer Glau reflects on Joss Whedon, sci-fi women and River's edge. A very cool interview over at Hero Complex.

April 12 2011

Firefly's The Train Job meets The Big Bang Theory. A clever editing job, blending The Big Bang Theory with our Favorite Train Robbery.

March 22 2011

'The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy' premiere dates announced. The Tanner Beard directed indie, featuring Summer Glau and Buffy's Eric Balfour, is set to premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival which runs March 31st - April 10th (DIFF info here) as well as the Newport Beach Film Festival which runs April 28th - May 5th (NBFF info here.)

March 11 2011

(SPOILER) The Cape Finale will be online by midnight tonight. The series finale will be available starting 12 AM EST at

March 10 2011

The Summer Glau Curse: Is it more than a myth? puts a critical eye to what is apparently one of the more pressing geek topics of our time.

March 08 2011

Summer Glau to guest present at the 3rd annual Tap With A Beat concert. As reported by The event, whose proceeds go to benefit UNICEF's Tap Project, is set to take place on March 20th at the World Peace Ikeda Auditorium in Santa Monica, California. Go here for more info and tickets.

February 28 2011

Final episode of Summer Glau's The Cape airs tonight. NBC have opted not to schedule the following series finale episode, "Endgame". Edit NBC say they plan to stream an 'exclusive episode for online fans' on at a later date. More...

February 01 2011

Summer Glau's "The Cape" gets back order cut. According to Deadline, NBC has cut the order for "The Cape" from 13 episodes to 10. That, coupled with declining ratings, means "The Cape" will probably not get past the first season.

January 31 2011

AssignmentX interviews Summer Glau. The actress talks her new series plus Dollhouse, Chuck and having something in common with her characters.

January 25 2011

Summer Glau visits Attack of the Show. Topics include The Cape as well as her upcoming film the Knights of Badassdom (and what it's like going to LARP-ing school.)

January 09 2011

(SPOILER) 'The Cape' premieres tonight on NBC. The show stars Summer Glau and you can read reviews of the two hour premiere at, Comic Vine, TV Squad and

January 07 2011

(SPOILER) TSCC writer discusses what it was like reuniting with Summer Glau on The Cape. He also goes into what we can expect from the new series that launches this Sunday on NBC.

January 03 2011

Summer Glau Gets Physical as a New Superhero on 'The Cape'. MSN's Wonderwall chats on set with Summer about her background as a dancer, becoming a superhero, and having loyal fans. Update: For a companion article from MSN TV go here. More...

December 16 2010

Summer Glau Turns Crimefighter for The Cape. IGN talks to Summer Glau about her role on the upcoming crime-fighter drama as well as about what it's been like to have been on a tv show with a solid audience impact. More...

December 10 2010

New trailer for The Cape with Summer Glau. The latest trailer for The Cape centres of the character Orwel, portrayed by Summer Glau. The show premieres on 9th January on NBC.

November 16 2010

Watch the Summer Glau episode of 'Chuck'. It aired last night on NBC.

November 14 2010

(SPOILER) Summer Glau talks up Chuck's Firefly reunion, Cape crusade. Summer chats with the folks over at fancast. Update: See the promo for The Cape mentioned in the article here.

November 11 2010

(SPOILER) Clip of Summer Glau on the next episode of Chuck. E! Online has the exclusive.

November 03 2010

Promo photos of Summer Glau on the next new episode of Chuck. In which she plays an apparently very pissed off Greta. More...

September 28 2010

Summer Glau talks playing Supergirl in Superman/Batman Apocalypse. An extensive interview courtesy of on the day of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse's official release. A lot of talk regarding the whedonverse makes it in there as well. More...

September 24 2010

(SPOILER) Summer Glau to guest star on 'Chuck'. River and Jayne reunited! (mild spoilers for the role she plays). More...

September 22 2010

A Superman/Batman: Apocalypse clip introduced by Summer Glau. She plays Supergirl in this animated feature that comes out on DVD next week.

September 08 2010

5 Reasons To Be Excited About Knights of Badassdom. Props to reason #4 - although #1-3 and #5 aren't half bad either.

September 01 2010

UGO To Host Superman/Batman Apocalypse Screenings in NYC and LA. Tickets for the animated film co-starring the voice of Summer Glau are being distributed for free on a "first come, first served" email response basis. Voice cast attendees are expected but not yet confirmed.

August 13 2010

Vote in EW's last Sexy Beast Semi-final matchup: Edward Cullen vs. Cameron Phillips. You knew it was inevitable. More...

August 10 2010

Elephant Project charity auction. David Boreanaz and Summer Glau participate in The Elephant Project to help fight Alzheimer's Disease. More...

August 09 2010

Five Video Games That Must Become Movies. Courtesy of Screencrave. See #1 - just because.

August 05 2010

Midnight's Summer Dream. Summer Glau caught during a casual moment on set for the Knights of Badassdom - courtesy of director Joe Lynch and his KOB Shot of the Day.

August 01 2010

Superman Batman: Apocalypse - First Look. A behind the scenes look - featuring interviews with the cast and crew including Summer Glau - on the DCAU's upcoming release. For a sampling of the films' unique visual style see here.

July 26 2010

Reviews of "The Cape" starring Summer Glau and "No Ordinary Family" with Julie Benz. A mixture of fan and critic reactions to the pilots seen at Comic-Con. More...

July 23 2010

Happy Birthday Summer Glau! Raise a glass, she turns 29 today.

July 12 2010

The Cape: Superhero + Summer Glau = Us Interested. IGN talks to Summer Glau and her co-star David Lyons about the upcoming series.

June 28 2010

Summer Glau is Supergirl in the next DC Animated Movie, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (out September 28). The link includes an interview with EP Bruce Timm about her work in the role.

June 25 2010

Summer Glau is a Trekkie. She talks to the Australian SciFi Channel about her love of Star Trek: TNG, scifi roles, acting and which item she would have liked to have stolen from the Firefly set.

June 11 2010

Summer Glau joins The Knights of Badassdom. Well that's what Bleeding Cool is saying. The movie is a horror comedy about a bunch of LARPers (live-action role players) who fight real demons.

May 28 2010

Watch Lifetime's "Deadly Honeymoon" online. The LMN original movie, starring Summer Glau, has been made available - via the network's website - to U.S. residents for free viewing. More...

May 16 2010

'The Cape's' Summer Glau: "Call me Pashmina." Zap2it gets a couple of words in with Summer Glau about her upcoming show - currently slated to premiere sometime mid-season - early preview clips of which may be found here. More...

May 06 2010

The Sexiest Mutants, Cyborgs And Posthumans Of All Time. io9's round-up of their top sixteen. Enver Gjokaj's Victor comes in at number 13 while a certain other familiar face is somewhere in there as well.

April 29 2010

FHM's Top 100 World's Sexiest Women 2010. A couple of our Whedonverse ladies made the list.

April 23 2010

(SPOILER) Summer Glau: The undying devotion of Whedonverse fans is remarkable. The NY Post's Popwrap talks in depth to Summer Glau about her role in the upcoming Deadly Honeymoon (including significant spoilers) as well as the supportive nature of the whedonverse fandom. More...

April 22 2010

Summer Glau: From Blushing Bride to Cape Crusader. She speaks to Fancast about her past and present projects.

April 03 2010

Trailer for "Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy". The independently produced Tanner Beard film that recounts the events behind why 'Hell's Gate' at Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas came to have it's name, featuring Summer Glau and Buffy alum Eric Balfour, currently has no set release date.

April 01 2010

Preview for the film "Deadly Honeymoon". The Lifetime Movie Network original film based on the 2005 case of disappeared newlywed George Allen Smith IV, starring Summer Glau and Chris Carmack, is set to premiere on April 25 at 8pm EST on LMN. For those outside the US, the preview may also be found here.

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