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January 27 2011

Sarah Hagan interviewed at Sundance 2011 for "Jess + Moss". Along with Clay Jeter and Austin Vickers, Christine Vachon talks to Sarah (Amanda from Season 7 of Buffy) about the viral marketing campaign for the film, including Sarah's tiny, handmade jars of moss on necklaces! More...

January 30 2008

Reuters gives high marks to Eliza Dushku's movie, "Bottle Shock". The reviewer calls it a "'Rocky' for wine aficionados", and praises Eliza's performance as a bartender who helps a Napa winery make its mark in the world wine scene by winning a competition against top French wines in 1976. The movie had its premiere recently at Sundance.

January 19 2008

Eliza hits Sundance. Various news photos of the lovely Ms. Dushku as she promotes her upcoming film "Bottle Shock". More...

February 01 2007

A secondhand tale about Nathan Fillion. Notwithstanding Nathan Fillion's solid ten-year track record of being courteous and professional with the media, a blogger is publishing an account of the Edmonton Journal's film reviewer that Nathan refused to talk to her because she gave Serenity a bad review. More...

January 30 2007

(SPOILER) Sundance Interview: Nathan Fillion on Waitress and Firefly. It has an audio transcript you can download. Looks like a pretty good interview. Has spoilers about the movie. So you've been warned. More...

January 26 2007

AICN covers "Waitress", Nathan mentioned. A short but positive and personal review of the late Adrienne Shelly's "Waitress" at Sundance Film Festival. Nathan's role is mentioned.

January 22 2007

Nathan Fillion attends premiere of "Waitress" at Sundance Film Festival. After appearing at the premiere of "Smokin' Aces" on Thursday (the day filming on "Drive" began) and at the Winter TCA tour yesterday to talk to the press about "Drive," Nathan Fillion's great week continues today (Sunday 1/21) in Park City, UT, where the late Adrienne Shelly's film "Waitress" (co-starring Nathan) makes its premiere. And the movie has been picked by Fox Searchlight. More...

December 01 2006

"Waitress," starring Nathan Fillion, will premiere at Sundance Film Festival. This film, written and directed by the late Adrienne Shelly, will be part of the Spectrum series at Sundance, which takes place January 18-28, 2007. More...

January 14 2006

Sundance '06 to premiere in U.S. two films from Whedonverse alums. Vincent Kartheiser's "Alpha Dog" and Chiwetel Ejiofor's "Kinky Boots" will both be screened at the January 19-29th festival.

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