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April 17 2014

Astronaut makes first ever Instagram selfie from the ISS, wearing a Firefly t-shirt. Astronaut Steve Swanson took the very first Instagram selfie in space. And just to show he's a big damn hero, he did it wearing a Firefly t-shirt. More...

February 12 2012

The Scoobies T-Shirt. From the person who made the similarly styled "River Tam and the Fireflies" and "Sing Along with Doctor Horrible" t-shirts. More...

September 15 2011

"Sing Along with the Horrible Doctor" shirt at TeeFury. A portion of the proceeds for each sale of this Dr. Horrible inspired shirt will be donated to "Club Mo" for the Los Angeles "Walk For Lupus Now". More information at: Support Club Mo. Also, TeeFury will be matching the donation amount. More...

August 18 2011

Joss' Equality Now T-Shirt Design. See Joss' design for one of Equality Now's t-shirts. Buying one will, of course, help out the organization and its mission. More...

June 06 2011

ThinkGeek has Serenity Schematic T-shirt. A new way to enjoy the midbulk transport, standard radion-accelerator core, classcode 03-K64, "Firefly."

March 20 2009

Firefly-inspired shirt featured on Shirt.Woot! The design came in first place in their "TV Show Titles Reinterpreted" contest. More...

February 04 2009 has new "Buffy" shirt. For those of you who really "heart" Buffy.

May 25 2008

The 2008 Can't Stop the Serenity Poster and t-shirt. Links to cities selling these at the Can't Stop The Serenity website.

October 04 2006

"I Will Never Stop Believing". Following a lot of speculation about Joss' recent comments about there not being a Serenity sequel in the works, widely misinterpreted as meaning there will not be a sequel, Browncoat and design virtuoso Adam Levermore-Rich felt compelled to make a T-shirt (and related stuff) declaring that "I Will Never Stop Believing"!

July 29 2006

Contest: Submit the winning Firefly/Serenity-related slogan for an upcoming Zoe T-shirt, and win shiny prizes. A company called Lilac Trading Station is making a limited-edition Zoe T-shirt and are in the market for a Big Damn Motto to go on it. More...

June 12 2006

Am I making you nervous? The last "Little Damn Hero" is up at Black Market Beagles ... More...

October 18 2005

Win Serenity t-shirt! Swedish competition to win tickets & t-shirts. More...

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