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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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March 10 2009

(SPOILER) Dark Horse press release of the new Tales of the Vampires one-shot. There's a decent size paragraph loaded with spoilers, so beware if you don't like spoilers. Artwork for the two covers for this issue as well as info about the Whedon packed 'MySpace Dark Horse Presents' Volume 3 can be found in Dark Horse's June soliciations at Comics Continuum.

October 10 2007

Tales of the Slayers Original Art on Auction. The auction for is finally open so if you've got a few hundred dollars lying around, orignal Tim Sale artwork is a pretty spiffy place to spend it. More...

September 13 2007

Buffy Art Auction over at It's the original cover line art from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayers, drawn by comics superstar and Heroes flagship artist Tim Sale. (Scroll down to see the art). More...

August 02 2007

Scholars Love a Merry Marvel Midlife Crisis. The cry resounds throughout all of academia for learned treatises on the chosen one's epic transmogrification into a comic book, as well as Joss "Whedon’s work on [the] Amazing[ly Astonishing] X-Men, Runaways, Fray, or Tales of the Vampires/Tales of the Slayers." More...

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