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May 28 2015

Harris Poll: Firefly is third most upsetting TV departure. A survey of 2,170 adults in the U.S. placed it only behind Friends and M*A*S*H. Link includes various generational and demographic breakdowns.

August 08 2013

Latest SHIELD character promo: Level 7 Access with Skye. This is not the same as the weird "Skye Spotlight" and Clark Gregg talking head videos from earlier this week, but the actual Level 7 promo they've been doing for each character.

May 06 2012

Thanking television for the success of Avengers. That's what Maureen Ryan of the Huffington Post does, and then she goes on to ponder just what Joss could do with that success.

June 01 2011

David Boreanaz spotted in the wild. David was spotted heading into the Fox 2011 Upfronts by Jason O'Mara, star of the upcoming "Terra Nova."

April 16 2011

Buffy among Salon's best remakes of all time. Salon television critic Matt Zoller Seitz looks at the greatest remakes of tv shows and movies and includes our favorite slayer in the list. More...

March 19 2011

Another Netflix content idea: saving cancelled cult hits. TechCrunch suggests how Netflix's plan to provide original content could succeed... by resurrecting shows like Firefly. More...

October 22 2010

Do we want too much from TV's creators? Deep in the age of television viewers networked by technology, Emily Nussbaum ponders the question. Includes "Heart, Broken" in its discussion.

September 04 2010

Women Want More Shows Like Buffy. Today show segment on "What Women Want" from television characters. Buffy used as prime example of a strong female lead. More...

May 24 2010

Is the Whedonverse Just a Figment of Tommy Westphall's Imagination? A convincing argument that the shows of the Whedonverse may be connected to over 250 other shows thanks to Tommy Westphall of St. Elsewhere.

December 29 2009

Five things that transformed television this decade. Number three - well you're looking at it. More...

November 18 2009

Rossum website has a TV commercial. Although the return of Dollhouse is just two weeks away, Rossum, the parent company of the Dollhouses, has just produced an ad that is designed to be shown in TV markets around the world. It's safe to say it may make an appearance on the show before long.

July 14 2009

Characters who say what the audience is thinking. IO9 takes on those characters that break the meta-barrier between audience and show. More...

April 29 2009

The Great Sci-Fi Divide: Why don't we want science fiction on TV? EW asks the ultimate question. More...

April 25 2009

Daily Kos Analyzes Dollhouse as Metafiction. Minor spoilers for Dollhouse Ep. 10.

October 02 2008

Dingos Ate My Baby - A real-cool fake band. Entertainment Weekly has selected Buffy the Vampire Slayer's very own Dingoes Ate My Baby as one of 20 Real-Cool Fake Bands from TV and Movies.

July 24 2008

Singing in the Pane. Philadelphia Weekly columnist asks the musical question, why aren't there more shows on TV like Dr. Horrible? More...

July 16 2008

Talking 'Dollhouse' and 'Virtuality' with the head of Fox. Chicago Trib's Maureen Ryan speaks with FOX's Peter Liguori about Comic-Con, and Joss's fan loyalty. More...

June 28 2007

Buffy S8 as an Example of Transmedia Storytelling. Another Gender and Fan Studies post at Henry Jenkins blog discussing (among other issues) how standalone stories differ in structure from those designed for "transmedia expansion." More...

February 21 2007

The art of mystery story-telling. Joss gets praised for playing the "what is it... what is it really" card in Buffy.

March 09 2006

The television will not be revolutionized. "Good shows, like Firefly and Veronica Mars, will prosper if freed from the whims of TV executives."

January 11 2006

Anything film can do, TV can do better. Joss Whedon and others chip in with their thoughts on whether tv is better than film.

December 01 2005

Buffy features in TV Guide's "The 100 Most Unexpected TV Moments". 'Once More With Feeling' comes in at number 44 due to the "townsfolk revealing their innermost thoughts in song". More...

November 11 2005

Firefly Still Flying on Sci Fi. Looks like the Sci Fi channel is keeping Firefly in syndication for a while longer than we thought. More...

October 04 2005

Reminder: Christian Kane in 'Close to Home' premieres tonight on CBS. The last of the premiere's of new television shows starring 'verse related actors this half of the season. The show airs at 10pm ET on CBS.

September 19 2005

Joss, Come Home. Scott Nance at SyFy Portal makes an impassioned plea for Joss to return to television.

September 12 2005

"I would go back to TV" says Joss. But as he tells New York Magazine in a brief interview, it would be on his terms.

July 13 2005

The History of Television Musicals. Includes several mentions of Once More with Feeling. More...

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