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January 18 2013

Buffy Birthday Sale. Things From Another World is celebrating Buffy's birthday with a special offer.

January 24 2012

TFAW Back Issue Sale. It includes Buffy Season Eight and Serenity Better Days (#s 2 & 3) at 70% off. Great time to "tighten up" your collection. Includes some Variant Covers.

March 22 2010

(SPOILER) Part Two of Scott Allie at ECCC 2010. The second part to an earlier video. He continues to talk about Season Nine and also brings up Dr. Horrible, Angel and other Dark Horse projects.

December 12 2009

TFAW's Christmas Sale includes Serenity Items. Things From Another World has Serenity Items priced from 20-50% off for Christmas. Some really Shiny bargains listed on the site. More...

August 11 2009

Serenity "Better Days" TPB for only $3.98. TFAW is having their annual Nick & Dent Sale. More...

August 07 2009

AbbyShot Clothiers' Browncoat is on sale and available for preorder. Things from Another World (tfaw) has our good Captain's Browncoat available for preorder, at 20% off. Just the thing for your next Shindig or Con! More...

February 22 2007

River Triumphant Statue release pushed back. New release date is April 25, 2007 More...

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