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March 10 2011

The Summer Glau Curse: Is it more than a myth? puts a critical eye to what is apparently one of the more pressing geek topics of our time.

February 04 2009

TWoP's list of Brilliant But Cancelled SciFi/Supernatural Series. Firefly is listed, naturally, but also Angel, Tru Calling, and The 4400 (in which Summer appeared). TWoP also has a Best Computer Geeks list which features Willow.

December 19 2007

The USA Network cancels 'The 4400'. So if you're a Summer Glau fan, no more Tess Doerner then.

September 13 2006

Dancer in a Daydream: an interview with Summer Glau. "Joss really touches me with his writing, and I have a story about reading one of his scenes before I knew it was his, and it made me extremely emotional."

August 13 2006

(SPOILER) Summer Glau on next week's "The 4400." Appearing once again as Tess in episode 3.11, "Terrible Swift Sword". More...

June 07 2006

(SPOILER) Summer Glau returns to The 4400. There's a mention that Tess (Summer Glau) is in the episode. It will air early August. More...

June 04 2006

The 4400 marathon on USA network today. The 2 part episode featuring Summer Glau will be on at 1 and 2 pm. And they'll be showing one of the episodes Doug Petrie scribed at 7 pm.

September 29 2005

Good news for two shows featuring previous ME alums. Prison Break gets a full season order and The 4400 is renewed for another 13-episode season. More...

July 25 2005

Last Night's "The 4400" written by Doug Petrie. The episode will be shown again on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on USA Network.

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