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June 05 2008

DVDtown reviews The Air I Breathe Blu-ray. A relatively spoiler-free review of the movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, which was released on DVD and Blu-ray last month.

January 27 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar the expectation slayer. SMG gets the full page treatment in the "Now" section of the Sunday NY Daily News. Looks like she's still heading off to Africa soon with CARE. More...

January 18 2008

In Step With... Sarah Michelle Gellar - Parade Magazine. Sarah talks the end of Buffy, her "friendship" with Britney, the "name change," her Broadway dreams, and more. More...

January 14 2008

The Air I Breathe official site is now online. There's a trailer, pictures, synopsis and a list of venues where this film starring SMG is being shown. More...

January 11 2008

The latest actual "Official" trailer for "The Air I Breathe". This trailer for SMG's latest movie is the one that will be appearing in theaters in NY & LA starting today. More...

January 10 2008

SMG heading out to promote upcoming movies. She is scheduled for Letterman on 1/21 and Regis & Kelly on 1/23. More...

December 16 2007

New Official 'The Air I Breathe' Trailer. The newest trailer for SMG's (SMP?) latest film, The Air I Breathe. More...

November 09 2007

(SPOILER) Trailer for the SMG Movie "The Air I Breathe". The Trailer is quite violent in places.

May 04 2007 review "The Air I Breathe" in part two of their Tribeca coverage. Sarah Michelle Gellar's film gets a mostly positive review stating that "Even if lacking in originality, the film’s powerful performances by its ensemble cast are worth witnessing". Very mild spoilers.

April 30 2007

HuffPost covers The Air I Breathe premiere. Rundown of last night's premiere with some quotes from Sarah and a photo.

April 17 2007

The official movie poster for SMG's new movie "The Air I Breathe". The movie stars Forrest Whitaker, who just got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Andy Garcia, Kevin Bacon, and Brendan Fraser, and revolves around the ancient Chinese Proverb which speaks of the four cornerstones of life--happiness, pleasure, sorrow, and love. More...

March 25 2007

Blurb about 'The Air I Breathe' at The Tribeca Film Festival. As the blurb says,"quite brilliantly, Sarah Michelle Gellar has the role of Sorrow."

March 14 2007

(SPOILER) "The Air I Breathe" and "Suburban Girl" are part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Both garner high regard from the blog itself and press releases seem to confirm that both films will premiere at the festival which starts on April 25 and runs to May 6. More...

August 22 2006

First Look At SMG In "The Air That I Breathe". Small picture of SMG from "The Air I Breathe" at Inferno Distribution website. Scroll down the page to see. More...

March 04 2006

(SPOILER) The Air I Breathe official website. Info about SMG. The blog of co-writer Bob DeRosa includes several references to SMG, which might be of interest to some people here. I'm not sure about spoilers, but there is mention of various scenes in the film.

January 23 2006

Garcia and Whitaker Join SMG in "The Air I Breathe ". Some more changes to the cast and a start date for shooting.

November 14 2005

(SPOILER) "Buffy" Couple on the Casting Couch. Dark Horizons gives more details on Sarah Michelle Gellar and Marc Blucas' roles in two upcoming projects, SMG in "The Air I Breath" and Marc Blucas in "Three". More...

October 21 2005

Sarah Michelle Gellar in talks for lead role in new indie film. Variety reports that the film 'The Air I Breathe' is based on an ancient Chinese proverb and will begin filming in Mexico City in January.

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