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February 22 2010

American Cinematographer talks to John Cassaday. About, of course, helming the Dollhouse episode "The Attic". Includes his sketch for the tree.

December 19 2009

What the papers say about last night's episodes of Dollhouse. The A.V. Club reviewer gave both episodes an 'A' and thinks that "Dollhouse will be remembered long after itís gone". iFMagazine gave 'Stop-Loss' a 'B' and 'The Attic' a 'A-'.'s Ken Tucker said "it was a great night for Dollhouse if you're a Victor and/or a DeWitt fan. As who among us is not?" And the Pioneer Local reviewer wrote that "these were just very epic episodes, and the dialogue was on fire". More...

December 18 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss the ninth and tenth episodes of Dollhouse season 2. Thought the previous two-hour events were stunning? You ain't seen nothing yet. And if you missed them, the episodes can be watched for free at the Fox website and Hulu and can be bought on iTunes.

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