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January 15 2014

Thomas Kretschmann cast in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. He'll play a new villain for Earth's mightiest heroes to face.

August 21 2013

'Avengers 2' scoop: How Ultron will differ from the comics. "As a character I love [Ultron]," Whedon says, "because hes so pissed off."

August 20 2013

"Ant-Man" director, Edgar Wright, discusses why Ultron won't appear in his film. Of course, Ultron will be featured in The Avengers 2 instead.

July 21 2013

Joss talks Age of Ultron. He talks about how they are just using the title and not adapting the recent Ultron storyline from the comics. How the film will be darker than the first and how he is enjoying writing Hawkeye in the group dynamic this time around. He also says Hank Pym will not be in the film. More...

June 17 2013

No Loki in The Avengers 2. Joss confirms Hiddleston's character will be sitting this one out.

May 17 2013

Joss Whedon talks Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch and Iron Man's roles in Avengers 2. This interview was conducted at this week's ABC upfronts. Spoilers for the end of Iron Man 3.

April 02 2013

'The Avengers 2' scheduled to shoot in the UK in early 2014. Screen Daily reports that the movie is "due to begin shoot at Pinewood-Shepperton in early 2014, with production due to get underway later this year."

October 15 2012

Ant-Man movie gets November 6, 2015 release date. Can we expect Hank Pym to be at first introduced as part of the superhero line-up in Joss' second Avengers film that comes out only 6 months earlier?

October 07 2012

Emily Blunt, Ruth Wilson reportedly linked with Avengers 2 role. It's been a couple of months since the last casting rumour for the Avengers sequel. More...

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