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"So I could be alone with my, you know...sweaty...shirtless...shame."
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November 26 2013

Yahoo! explores 12 shocking tv deaths. Yahoo! looks at 12 of TV's most shocking deaths, in response to Family Guy's big plot twist of killing off one of its most beloved characters. More...

May 20 2013

10 things we love about Buffy. The Huffington Post looks back on "Buffy" with a slideshow of 10 things they love about the show.EW adds their own list as well. More...

November 20 2012

Widescreen Warrior podcast #320: Everything Comes Back to Joss Whedon. Weekly podcast movie reviews featuring lots of Whedony goodness.

November 17 2006

Entertainment Weekly talks top ten watercooler moments and Buffy is mentioned. The death of Buffy's mother makes it onto the list: "Dismissed by the clueless as little more than culty teen fantasy-horror, Buffy... proved unequivocally with its fifth-season episode ''The Body'' that it could leave viewers gasping without throwing a single punch." More...

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