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December 14 2006

Cover and early details for Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amber Tamblyn's "The Grudge 2" DVD. Region 1 DVD is scheduled to be released on February 6th, 2007. Amber Tamblyn played Dawn's friend Janice, in Buffy 6th season episode "All the Way".

December 08 2005

Sarah Michelle Gellar - just a brief appearance in 'The Grudge 2'. Clarification, via the Hollywood Reporter and Sam Raimi, of Sarah's role in the sequel.

December 05 2005

SMG Holds Another Grudge. SMG is reprising her role in the follow up to The Grudge, aptly titled The Grudge 2. Filming starts in January for an October 06 release. More...

July 08 2005

H'wood scares up Asian chills. "They were weaned on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and they're emboldened with girl power," says Timpone. "They're ready to take on big-screen frights." More...

November 22 2004

The Grudge on DVD - Feb 1st, with some nice extras. On DVD at the same time as it is released in some markets, Sony seems to be in a hurry. To limit the effects of pirate copies ?

May 05 2004

Ju-On Coming To U.S - The original movie SMGs new movie is based on "Lions Gate will release Takashi Shimizu's original Japanese supernatural horror film Ju-On (The Grudge) in Los Angeles and New York on July 23, before expanding its limited release to other American cities" More...

March 07 2004

"The Grudge" Set Visit - Part 1 begins a very detailed behind the scenes report on SMG's latest film.

January 15 2004

More Plot Details Uncovered for Grudge movie More...

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