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February 21 2012

Watch the pilot for "Awake" early! Executive Produced by Howard Gordon (Buffy, Angel, The Inside), the series premieres on NBC, March 1st but folks with access to Hulu can see the pilot now. Spoiler Alert: It's Amazing! :) More...

June 12 2008

Getting THE INSIDE Out...on DVD! Showcasing the twisted mind of Tim Minear and the deadpan...deadpannity of Adam Baldwin, THE INSIDE was a unique crime drama canceled by Fox (surprise!) and not released on DVD (surprise!), leaving close to half the series unaired (surprise!). See what you can do to change that.

January 22 2008

Some lovely scripts signed by Tim Minear and Jane Espenson could be yours. The Cash for the Crew website has updated their Rewards section. So if you donate to the Motion Picture Television Fund, you have a chance to win signed Buffy, Angel, The Inside, Wonderfalls and Drive scripts. More...

March 02 2007

Katie Finneran of Wonderfalls joins Drive. Tim Minear brings more of his worlds together as he casts Katie Finneran of Wonderfalls and The Inside in Drive. She will play the sister of Alex Tully (Nathan Fillion's character).

December 12 2006

"One More." Tim Minear's posted another video on YouTube with clips from all his shows, plus him from 1985.

December 11 2006

"Minear's stuff" - A fan video by Tim Minear. No, really. It is by him and was shown yesterday by Tim at the Backup Bash.

October 24 2006

An interview with Tim Minear. So many goodies in this interview, it's unbelievable. A must read. Drive, The Inside, the Buffyverse tv movies (not dead after all?) and comics all get covered and there's lots, lots more as well.

June 25 2006

Remaining "The Inside" scripts posted online at Also available is the shooting script for the Firefly episode 'Bushwhacked'.

April 26 2006

Scripts and correct viewing order for Tim Minear's The Inside. Most (nine of thirteen) of the scripts for the show's run are posted in .pdf format for folks to check out. Note: These are drafts, not shooting scripts. More...

April 03 2006

Getting Inside with Tim Minear. Excellent overview of Tim's career and that late, lamented show of his "The Inside".

March 10 2006

All new The Inside tonight in the UK. ITV4 catches up with Fox Broadcasting Corp. Read for a 'previously on' summary of Tim Minear's show up until this point. More...

February 07 2006

Fox Latin America will show final "The Inside" episode today. Fox Latin America has shown all 13 episodes produced since November 15th, 2005. Linked page is in Portuguese. A full description of the episode can be found in Fox Latin America official website: Mundo Fox.

January 18 2006

UK Channel showing 'The Inside'. UK Channel ITV4 starts showing Tim Minears' The Inside on Friday 20th January. More...

January 02 2006

Herc's Top 10 Scripted Hourlongs of 2005!! Yet another end of year article but it does have a big shout out for Tim Minear's 'The Inside'.

November 21 2005

ITV4 picks up The Inside. A very small mention of ITV4 (a UK TV channel) acquring the rights to the existing episodes of Tim Minear's excellent The Inside. I believe this includes the unaired episodes. More...

October 04 2005

Adam Baldwin's 25-year acting career. Nice interview-based piece with Adam Baldwin on his early success then long struggle as an actor, playing Jayne, and the Firefly fans.

August 16 2005

Sometimes, Fox just isn't that into me. Fun little article bemoaning the author's tempestuous relationship with the network. Speaks of the loss of Wonderfalls and The Inside, seems to hint of Firefly. More...

August 09 2005

Tim Minear talks "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" in the final part of the iF Magazine interview. And there's some more post-mortem analysis of 'The Inside'.

August 04 2005

Minear Feels 'Inside' Must Die to Live Again. does an interview with Tim Minear and how he wants Fox to not air the show anymore. Plus some stuff we already know.

August 03 2005

(SPOILER) Part Two of Tim Minear's IF Magazine Interview. Cancellations, dead babies, and just whose job it is to bring it. More...

August 01 2005

Adam Baldwin: Debunked. Very nice profile and interview with him over at MillarWorld Magazine.

July 27 2005

Interview with Tim Minear about The Inside's Cancellation. Tim gives his predictions on what will air, and how it all went down.

July 21 2005

PTC file indecency complaint over 'The Inside'. A move which will probably surprise absolutely no one. The show was recently 'honoured' by the PTC as "The Worst TV Show of the Week".

July 19 2005

Watch with Kristin recommends "The Inside" and "Wonderfalls". E!Online's Watch with Kristin gives a heads up on "The Inside" currently screening on Fox and "Wonderfalls", which will be showing on The Logo Network starting 28th July.

July 18 2005

FOX to keep 'The Inside' through at least August 3rd. TFC has FOX "The Inside" listings for upcoming weeks.

July 16 2005

The Guardian Guide on The Inside. Jonathan Bernstein's Aerial View of America column compares The Inside unfavourably to Buffy.

July 13 2005

(SPOILER) Herc at AICN loves tonight's "The Inside", possibly the last episode of Tim Minear's series to air. Poor Timmy.

July 11 2005

Gloomy, moody shows brighten summer TV. Five shows to watch this summer according to MSNBC. 'The Inside' inside. More...

July 10 2005

Science fiction's biggest battle is its image. "Despite widespread critical acclaim for their psyche insight, series such as "Farscape," "Angel" and its companion series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," have rarely been recognized with industry awards." More...

July 06 2005

Save "The Inside" Petition... Help save "The Inside"! Don't know if it will help, but it's not gonna hurt to sign! More...
"The Silence of the Lambs" for TV. An interview with Tim Minear at More...

July 03 2005

It's over for 'The Inside'. Fox tell Tim Minear they won't extend the options on the cast.
The Inside panel at Comic Con. The entire cast + Tim Minear, Jane Espenson, David Fury and friends. (ETA) Sadly, breaking news is that they may not be there after all . . .

June 29 2005

It's a Jane Espenson penned episode of 'The Inside' tonight. One of the Whedonverse's most acclaimed writers returns to the small screen (minor spoilers for the episode). More...

June 22 2005

Review of "The Inside" by "Weekly Standard" editor Jonathan V. Last. More...

June 21 2005

Fox gives 'The Inside' an extra boost. Network slates back-to-back original episodes for July 6th.

June 20 2005

Amber Benson to appear on The Inside. More...

June 19 2005

Tim Minear and cast talk 'The Inside'. "There are all manner of sick and twisted deviant behaviors that we can explore for the enjoyment of America" says the jolly Angel producer (minor spoilers for an upcoming episode).

June 15 2005

(SPOILER) Buffyverse shoutouts in 'The Inside'. You've hopefully noticed one of them during last week's premiere, but there's two in the third episode.

June 13 2005

Village Voice talks to Peter Coyote about The Inside. Left wing politics, hanging out with murderers, and why he digs Web.

June 12 2005

New Yorker Reviews "The Inside". Nancy Franklin, the television critic, unfavorably reviews The Inside.

June 09 2005

Fast National Ratings for the premiere of 'The Inside'. Zap2it says the show debuted to a 3.2/5. Mediaweek says it "kicked-off with a modest (and fourth-place) 3.8/ 6 in the overnights". More...

June 07 2005

'The Inside' TV Spot Online. Click on the picture of Special Agent Rebecca Locke to see the streaming video. And there's a brief interview with Tim Minear about the show at More...

June 04 2005

A Blogger's Review of "The Inside". Very positive. I can't wait till Wednesday.

May 31 2005

USA Today briefly reviews The Inside. Whitney Matheson has posted a review of the first 3 episodes on her blog. TV Guide's Ausiello also has some thoughts about the show.

May 28 2005

Tim Minear's Special Note To The Fans. "Welcome to The Inside. And watch your step, it's kind of dark in here". More...

May 16 2005

New Fansite for Tim Minear's The Inside. Which is totally different than a fansite about Tim Minear's Insides. More...

April 25 2005

Promo for The Inside airing tonight and tomorrow. The link is to the Coming Soon site at FOX, but promos for Tim Minear's new show will air tonight during 24 and tomorrow during House. More...

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