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May 21 2008

Joss directed Office US episode on ITV2. Finally the first episode directed by Joss is airing in the UK tomorrow, 11:30pm BST. More...

November 01 2007

(SPOILER) Tonight on NBC - Joss Whedon returns to 'The Office'. In case you missed it in all of the excitement, Joss' second Office episode 'Branch Wars' airs at 9pm/ET. And E! Online's Kristin has more from Joss on what to expect from his episode.

October 30 2007

(SPOILER) "The Office" Week on E!Online. Kristin, on set during the week Joss directed a 2nd episode of The Office, provides info and interviews of the cast and crew during her visit, including a new interview with Joss! More...

October 29 2007

(SPOILER) Live from Scranton: Office writers talk Joss. And have very nice things to say about him (spoilers for Joss' upcoming episode on Thursday).

October 23 2007

(SPOILER) Behind the Scenes look at Joss' upcoming episode of "The Office". Provides a sneak peek at "Branch Wars".

October 08 2007

"Joss Whedon planning Office massacre". New details about his next episode.

September 13 2007

What is The Office about? Blogger Wax Banks (previously featured on Whedonesque) discusses what "The Office" is really about - comparing it to Buffy's exploration and creation of family units. More...

September 04 2007

'The Office' Season 3 DVD out on sale today. It contains the Joss Whedon directed episode 'Business School' and an interview with him as well. More...

August 08 2007

(SPOILER) More info on Joss' next Office episode. He's tentatively scheduled to direct it in October, as rumored on the E! site.

July 17 2007

Joss to direct another episode of 'The Office'. iF Magazine has the scoop.

June 23 2007

The Office Season 3 DVD anounced for September. The set features a Joss interview, deleted scenes and a commentary for his episode by BJ Novak, Rainn Wilson and writer Brent Forrester.

April 23 2007

Whedon discusses everything. Nice little interview with Wizard where the master touches on almost everything, from X-Men, Wonder Woman, Goners, The Office, even Battlestar Galactica.

March 27 2007

New Interview of Jenna Fischer. Another interview where Jenna Fischer speaks glowingly about Joss, with some further insight as to what he contributed to "The Office." More...

March 21 2007

James Gunn's New Blog Talks about Joss's Episode of "The Office." Brief commentary on Joss's directing is about 1/3 of the way down the page. More...

February 20 2007

Video interview with Joss about 'The Office'. has a great on set interview with Joss talking about why he wanted to direct an episode of the show, why he loves it so much and lots, lots more.

February 16 2007

(SPOILER) Dwight Schrute the Vampire Slayer. "Oh, so that's why the folks at The Office had Joss Whedon direct tonight's episode".
Jenna Fischer's new Myspace entry for 'Business School'. Another entry on her blog about the episode of the Office that Joss directed! More...

February 15 2007

(SPOILER) Tonight on NBC - Joss Whedon's 'The Office' episode. And without resorting to any form of cliche, this'll no doubt be a major televisual feast. After all, it's been nearly three years since a new Joss directed episode has been on the telly.

February 11 2007

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon directs 'The Office'. Hilarious NBC promo video featuring Joss talking about his directing intermingled with some clips from the episode.

February 08 2007

(SPOILER) Buffy Meets The Office. Joss talks about the infamous "total coincidence" he faced while directing his episode of "The Office". More...

January 29 2007

My week with Whedon on 'The Office'. Pics and an account of Joss on set. "[He] came in and kicked ass". There is no higher praise really. More...

January 26 2007

Joss Whedon directing The Office as you read this! Jenna Fischer's myspace blog gushes about Joss and his directing style for an upcoming episode.

January 10 2007

NBC Universal confirm that Joss Whedon will direct 'The Office'. Popwatch at Entertainment Weekly has the details.

January 08 2007

Joss Whedon to direct an episode of 'The Office'? A curious rumour surfaces over at the Televisionary blog.

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