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March 10 2011

The Summer Glau Curse: Is it more than a myth? puts a critical eye to what is apparently one of the more pressing geek topics of our time.

August 13 2008

Summer Glau talks Terminator. She tells SFX all about her character Cameron and what it's like working on 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'.

November 20 2007

On the Picket Line with Seth Green and Alexis Denisof. IGN has a great article and photo gallery of stars on the picket line. Other than Seth and Alexis, there are also cast members and show runners from How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Office and more. Click on Seth's picture to access the photo gallery. More...

August 26 2007

This year's breakout stars. A Chicago Sun-Times writer picks Summer Glau as one of next season's breakout performers. More...

July 30 2007

Summer Glau talks Terminator. Coverage of The Sarah Connor Chronicles panel at Comic-Con. More...

May 18 2007

(SPOILER) Preview Clips from "The Sarah Connor Chronicles". IGN provides a look at three clips from the upcoming series. Summer Glau can be seen in the third. More...

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