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November 10 2008

The Signal is a 2008 Podcast Awards winner in Movies & Films! Congratulations!

October 20 2008

The Signal & Buffy Between the Lines in Podcast Awards finals. Voting opens October 23rd and closes November 6th.

July 16 2008

In Depth Podcast Interview with the California Browncoats and their Comic-Con plans. James of CABC talks about SoCal CSTS and then reveals details about the booth at Comic-Con. Includes exclusives about the Jayne Hat Flash Mob and Signed editions of the variant Serenity comic. Also, in this week's Comic News Insider there is an exclusive announcement about the availability of Dr. Horrible shirts.

December 22 2006

"Songs From The Black", an album of Firefly/Serenity music from the Signal podcast. With music from the Signals' past two seasons, including songs by the Firefly Music Project, Michelle Dockrey, Greg Edmonson, and more.

December 19 2006

The Signal Podcast giving away 15 Alliance money replicas from QMX. My fellow podcasters are giving away 15 Serenity Money Packs reproductions. More...

August 15 2006

The Signal wins People's Choice Podcast Award for best podcast in the category of Movies and Film. Shiny! The listing is about 2/3 of the way down the page, on the right-hand column. More...

June 01 2006

Doctor Who and Firefly. Episode 10 of the Signal has been released, and contains: Sci-Fi Review (Doctor Who); Dance in Firefly; Music Section (River); Television's Changing Landscape; The Novelization Didn't do the Job; Tricks from the Training House; and The Firefly Technical Manual. More...

May 16 2006

Episode 9 of the Signal. Features include: Tricks from the Training House; The Hidden Depths of David Newman's Soundtrack; Operation Sequel; Sci-Fi Review (Lost); and Music Section (Unsere-Crew Serenity)

October 16 2005

(SPOILER) The gang at The Signal discuss their thoughts on Serenity. Or get the podcast directly here

October 11 2005

An interesting piece on why we love Wash in this weeks edition of The Signal. No spoilers, so listen without fear.

October 05 2005

The Signal #13 is now available for download. (mp3) (Direct link because the URL on the site is wrong and will not be fixed until tomorrow.) Features include: Keith DeCandido Interview, Book's First Name, Spamalot and spacewalk music from Bushwhacked. More...

August 17 2005

The Signal #7 is out. This week's interview with Greg Edmonson, who composed much of the music for Firefly.

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