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March 09 2012

Buffy premiered on The WB fifteen years ago today. Doesn't time fly? Useless bit of trivia - "Welcome to the Hellmouth" was directed by the actor who played Oscar Wallace in "The Untouchables".

October 05 2009

10 years ago today - Angel premieres on The WB. It was an amazing show. More...

March 09 2008

The WB back online? reports that the WB will be streaming free videos of our shows from the now defunct network and is hoping that Buffy and Angel will be part of the lucky few.

February 28 2008

Former WB entertainment president speaks about losing Buffy. "I fought against it. For me, letting Buffy go meant diluting our brand. Once UPN could attach itself to that show, which was everything The WB stood for, it was over."

October 07 2007

Post Mortem: The WB and UPN. TV Guide has a revealing interview with the authors of "Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall of the WB and UPN". It seems that Buffy's move to UPN had a bigger effect on The WB than previously thought. More...

September 23 2006

Lauren Graham says she put away her Buffy shrine to commerate the passing of the WB. Play the video on the right side of the page. More...

September 18 2006

Matt Roush says Buffy and Angel are in the top tier of genre series ever in response to a reader who asks him what the WB's biggest or most influential shows were.

September 17 2006

For the last time ever - Angel and Buffy on The WB. The Frog bows out with three hours of Joss' tv pilots this evening.

January 27 2006

Garth Ancier credits Buffy and Angel while saying "Bye" to The WB. In a mee-moe to The WB employees about to be fired, Garth Ancier mentions Buffy and Angel as two accomplishments of the network. More...

January 17 2006

'Door still open for Joss to do Spike movie' say The WB. But as entertainment president David Janollari told reporters at the TCA's winter press tour, "Joss Whedon is fast becoming a big-feature filmmaker. He's currently working on an adaptation of Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. He's simply just not been available to us". More...

September 22 2005

Amy Acker guest starring in The WB's "Supernatural". I can't find a guest star list for this show but there she is on the trailer.

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