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"Gonna take a while for the stink of this to pass."
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May 31 2013

Much Ado About Nothing theater listings in the US. Looks like Roadshow Attractions has heard some of the nudging and opened a page for listing where the film will be playing, starting with its June 7 limited release.

March 06 2007

Help Browncoat Theater Owners. Poor theater owners want to screen Serenity or even Buffy the Musical but they don't know how to reach the fans. It is a crying shame. "Honestly. There could be tears." More...

October 16 2005

Man takes phone call during "Serenity." On BBC Radio, Andrew Collins reads a letter from a fan who complains about "one buffoon" talking on the phone about how much he was enjoying his time in the theater during Serenity. It's short, but I thought a little lightness was in order. Plus, there's another Whedon mention before it. More...

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