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"You haven't seen my drawer of inappropriate starches?"
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August 14 2012

Whedon to Birbiglia and This American Life: Drop Dead! In which Joss sarcastically exhorts us to boycott Mike Birbiglia's upcoming indie flick so it won't overtake the Avengers. Classic Whedony humor.

May 05 2009

Joss singing on This American Life available for download. Joss performed "Heart, Broken" for "This American Life - Live!", and the radio episode is now available in podcast form. More...

April 23 2009

Joss sings tonight on 'This American Life - Live!' - the stage show. It'll been shown in movie theatres and performing arts centers all over the States. More...

April 12 2009

'This American Life' adds a show date. By popular demand, there will be an encore presentation of This American Life--Live! You can now see Joss make a special appearance in select theaters on May 7th.

March 10 2009

This musical American life. Following an earlier story about "This American Life: The Stage Show", is reporting that "rumors are circulating that the entire thing may be set to music coordinated by Whedon". More...

March 06 2009

See Joss Whedon in 'This American Life' - the stage show. The radio programme will be performed on stage on April 23rd and sent live to select movie theatres and performing arts centers around the US. Joss will be making a special appearance and fans will be pleased to hear that tickets can now be purchased online.

June 12 2008

How Does Buffy Feel? This American Life's Ira Glass says that he learned something from Marti Noxon: for each story, see if it has the "How does Buffy feel?" moment. Scroll down to where the text gets really big to read this part of the article. More...

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