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July 22 2010

"TiMER" and "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" will be screened at Fantasy Filmfest in eight German cities! "TiMER" stars Emma Caulfield and Kali Rocha, and "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" stars Alan Tudyk. More...

June 28 2010

Emma Caulfield's "TiMER" available on Netflix Instant Play. Netflix members can see it before it comes out on DVD.

May 11 2010

A scene from 'TiMER' featuring Emma Caulfield and Kali Rocha. SciFi Wire has a clip of the Buffy alumni in Emma's new movie.

April 30 2010

(SPOILER) Emma Caulfield: I believe in lust at first sight. Another short interview with Emma as she promotes "Timer." More...

April 29 2010

(SPOILER) The Performance: Emma Caulfield in 'Timer'. Interview with the former Buffy actress about her sci-fi romantic comedy. More...

April 21 2010

Emma Caulfield's film TiMER reviewed by Movies You May Have Missed podcast. Movies You May Have Missed (a podcast about obscure and indie movies) reviews TiMER, a new film starring Emma Caulfield.

February 05 2010

Emma Caulfield's film 'Timer' opens 34th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival. After a lot of speculation, Emma's new romantic comedy is given opening night honors. A "TiMER" (see photo in link) is a clock that is implanted into a person's wrist. Once in place, it starts counting down to the moment you will meet your soul mate and find true love. More...

April 28 2009

Emma Caulfield Talks TiMER. Video of interview from PIX11 Morning News. More...

April 23 2009

Faces of the Festival: Emma Caulfield. Emma discusses her Tribeca entry TiMER, as well as a rather unorthodox treatment for a bladder infection.

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