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November 13 2015

'Angel: The Official Collection' Volume 1 is out on December 15th. Just as Titan Books are reprinting interviews and features from the official Buffy magazine, they're doing the same for the official Angel magazine. The second volume is out on May 31st of next year. More...

April 16 2012

The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion and Novelization get released this week. The Visual Companion features "in-depth interviews, the full screenplay by Whedon and Goddard, stunning production art, and hundreds of color photos." The novelization is written by horror author Tim Lebbon. More...

March 24 2011

Joss Whedon's original lyric sheet for the Dr Horrible song "Everyone's A Hero". It's featured in the brand new Dr Horrible book (out in the UK this Friday and in the US on Tuesday). And thanks to Titan Books, we have 3 copies of the book to give away. Head over to this thread at to find out how you can win.

August 09 2010

Win a set of Firefly books. Titan Books are giving away The Official Companion Volumes 1 and 2 and Still Flying. And their blog has an excerpt of an interview with Christina Hendricks talking about Saffron.

July 22 2010

I was a stand-in on Firefly. Danny Nero talks to Titan Books about what it was like working on the show and what the very last day of filming was like. And if you buy Firefly: Still Flying at the Titan Books booth at Comic-Con, you get a free replica bill of the currency used in the show (while stocks last).

July 20 2010

Some pics from the set of Firefly. As seen at the new Titan Books blog.

July 16 2010

Titan Books interview with Firefly writer Jose Molina. Apparently this went up a couple of days ago but I don't see it in the archives. Talks about the series, his story for Still Flying, and some stuff he didn't get to do.

May 26 2010

'Firefly: Still Flying' out this week in book stores. To get a wide range of opinion on the book, have a look at the, Bashing In Minds, The House Next Door and SciFi Wire reviews. More...

May 13 2010

Two storyboards from 'Firefly: Still Flying' plus a competition too! Titan Books have very kindly provided us with two storyboards of 'The Battle of Serenity' that appear in 'Firefly: Still Flying' (out on May 25th). They've also provided us with three copies of 'Firefly: Still Flying' to give away in a competition. To win a copy of the book, head over to the competition thread at

July 25 2009

Titan's still flying with Firefly. Remember last month when it was discovered that there was going to be a third Firefly Official Companion book and we all wondered what it would contain? Well Titan Books has now officially announced 'Firefly Still Flying' and more details are revealed.

July 23 2009

Titan goes down down to the woods with Whedon. The publishing company officially announces The Cabin In The Woods tie-ins.

June 22 2009

Firefly: Still Flying: The Official Companion Volume 3 - out next year. Now the first two Volumes covered the tv show and the Serenity Companion obviously covered the movie. So it will be interesting to see what Titan Books come up with for Volume Three.

May 20 2009

First movie tie-in for 'The Cabin in The Woods'. Titan Books will be bringing out 'The Official Visual Companion' on February 9th of next year. More...

May 02 2007

'Firefly: The Official Companion' volume 2 reviewed. SerenityStuff says "You want it. Trust me.". More...

April 20 2007

'Firefly: The Official Companion Vol. Two' availability update. Titan Books dropped a line to say that the second volume "has now started shipping from our US distributors, and will be hitting our UK warehouse next week, so Amazon orders should be with people shortly, and the book will be in bookstores in the next couple of weeks". More...

September 27 2006

SFX magazine review of 'Firefly: The Official Companion' vol 1. A shiny write-up.

August 22 2006

'Firefly: The Official Companion Vol. One' availability update. Titan Books have dropped another line to say that " now has the Firefly Companion, and is shipping it within 24 hours" and good news for UK fans as "the copies have arrived, and will start shipping from our UK distributor to bookshops (and next week". More...

May 18 2006

Firefly Official Companion Volume 2 on Amazon UK. Available for pre-order, release date March 23rd 2007.

January 24 2006

Titan Books acquire rights for "Firefly: The Official Companion". The book is scheduled for release this summer and Titan Books "are planning to make this Big Damn Book as shiny as possible". More...

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