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July 24 2010

First look at Tonner's Jayne Cobb doll. Plastic and Plush has posted photos from the Tonner Doll Company booth at this year's Comic-Con, including a look at Tonner's prototype Jayne doll in a tiny cunning hat. There's also another photo of the Mal doll (browncoat not included). More...

June 18 2010

Captain Malcolm Reynolds Tonner doll available for pre-order. That'll set you back $154.99, you can also get Mal's Browncoat as an accessory for $39.99. Also available for pre-ordering are QMx's Serenity Flying Mule and River Tam Animated Maquette. TFAW are offering the Mule for $314.95 and QMx are offering the Maquette for $69.95. More...

May 23 2010

Tonner Convention Browncoats breakfast blog coverage. Tonner has posted images of the new Firefly dolls: Inara "Shinon" and Captain Mal. I love them. More...

March 03 2010

Tonner releases Malcolm Reynolds Doll. Robert Tonner (a doll maker) has announced a "Browncoats Breakfast" and Mal doll debut at their convention this May.

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