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December 02 2015

Joss Whedon will appear in 'Toy Story at 20' special on ABC. This one hour tribute will air next Thursday at 8pm EST.

June 24 2014

A review of 8 movies where Joss was a script doctor. No surprises, except perhaps the last one.

January 15 2013

Fan-made full-length live action shot-for-shot remake of Toy Story. Group identifying themselves as JohanasonsMovies have produced a full-length shot-by-shot 'remake' of Toy Story (based on Joss Whedon's Oscar-nominated screenplay). More...

March 01 2012

Avengers/Toy Story mashup YouTube video. They took scenes from Toy Story and set it to the audio from The Avengers trailer. It's pretty neat.

September 14 2011

A question and answer regarding Joss and Toy Story. A Pixar camera artist gives his recollections on Joss and his work on Toy Story . More...

December 21 2008

Andrew Stanton on Joss Whedon and his "Toy Story". Some very kind words on Joss and his writing abilities within this podcast on "Wall-E" courtesy of Creative Screenwriting Magazine.

September 27 2008

Joss' Oscar-nominated Toy Story named 99th greatest movie. Empire's readers and experts vote Toy Story, the movie for which Joss was nominated for a writing Oscar, the 99th greatest movie of all time, "a storytelling of wit and humanity that translated to seemingly everyone alive." More...

June 20 2008

Buffy is placed in EW's top 100 list of TV shows. With a compliment of "genius" to Whedon, where does our show place? (Also inclusions of Whedon assisted films such as Speed and Toy Story in the top 100 list for Film) More...

June 19 2008

AFI lists "Toy Story" as one of the all time best Animation Movies. The new lists announced on June 17, separate movies in 10 different genres. More...

January 25 2008

Toy Story films get 3D makeover. Disney's bringing Toy Story back to theaters next year as a 3D movie, kind of like last year's revival of The Nightmare Before Christmas. The sequel is coming out in 2010.

June 21 2007

Toy Story one of the 100 best American films of all time. This according to American Film Institute's list (released last night). The Whedon-co-scripted film shares the distinction, with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, of being one of the only two animated films on the list. More...

March 29 2007

Toy Story one of 400 nominated films for American Film Institute's 10th anniversary "Top 100 American Movies of All Time" list (coming out later this year). More...

January 27 2006

Joss Whedon talks about his stint on Toy Story. A couple of quotes from Joss here in this article about John Lassiter and Pixar (possible reg req). More...

December 27 2005

Toy Story officially a 'classic' according to folks at the National Film Registry, a compilation of significant films being preserved by the Library of Congress. More...

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