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February 14 2015

Firefly Funko 6" action figure photos from Toy Fair via The Fwoosh. These are prototypes, they aim to have them in stores by May.

April 18 2012

Joss Whedon's Custom Avenger's Diorama Video. This custom designed and built case (by GeekBox, Lance Sawyers, Prop.) was commissioned as a gift to Joss by the stunt crew (I believe Sam Hargrave, More...

January 01 2012

More Avengers merchandising including the cuddliest Hulk I've ever seen and the team assembled on a table tennis bat. But no spoilers this time.

January 05 2007

MWC's Picks for Best/Worst Figures of 2006. Our Cordy Chase gets double mention for best and worst female action figure of last year. Includes the line: "to take a woman that's real, truly beautiful, and half nekkid, and turn her into the shaved butt of an ugly dog, - that's a crime." More...

January 31 2006

A Stake Through the Heart for Palisades Toys. The toy company that produced two series of Buffy PALz seems to have been dusted. (ETA) And now it's official. More...

January 20 2006

Diamond Comics Distributor's final numbers for 2005. Astonishing X-Men sales not as strong as one would expect with all the hype surrounding that title. None of the Spike or Angel comics registered nor did Serenity. More...

October 21 2005

Buffy Prop Webpage Goes Live! FactoryX now has the Buffy Prop Replica Webpage up, including pictures and descriptions of new items including Anyanka's Necklace and the Gentlemen's Voice Box! More...

September 20 2005

Diamond Select Serenity Action Figure Contest. Due to the good grace of Diamond Select, Raving Toy Maniac presents a contest in which you can enter to win a signed Jayne action figure, among other nifty things. More...

August 23 2005

Buffy PALz Series 3 Pics! Palisades has revealed the 3-D renderings of its 3rd Series of the successful Buffy PALz. More...

August 07 2005

Palisades Picks Up the ANGEL PALz Line! The Announcement came at Wizard World Chicago along with an exclusive Angel PALz with a trenchcoat. More...

August 04 2005

Smashed & Wrecked photo story! Warning Adult Content! Main link goes to Smashed and here's the link to Wrecked. More...

July 15 2005

WW Chicago Gentlemen PALz 4-Pak!!! Creepy! Veeerry Creepy!!! More...

July 06 2005

Give Blood, Get a Bloodsucker. Exclusive Spike toy for blood donors at the San Diego Comic-Con.

January 14 2005

"Ask Diamond" at BTVSFigs includes first look at Plrtz Glrb Lorne figure. The regular Q&A with Diamond Select Toys at the BTVSFigs message board includes a sneak preview of the exclusive beheaded Lorne figure and the doubtless envy-inducing news that the new Spike figures were made from computer scans of James Marsters himself... "James was very accommodating and did several poses and expressions as well as a scan without his shirt."

November 06 2004

Diamond Select Toys Produces 500 Unpainted Darla Figures. "DST will be offering an exclusive unpainted sneak peak Darla action figure at the upcoming Wizard World Dallas. This is based on the upcoming Season Two Darla figure, due to be in stores this December" And get this! It includes a sledgehammer and a fence! Cool!

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