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November 19 2006

Buffy 10th Anniversary Trading Card Set. Inkworks is making a Buffy 10th Anniversary Trading Card set for next year. More...

March 15 2006

Firefly the complete collection promo card available , and the latest news about the upcoming trading card set are available in the new NSU magazine. More...

February 28 2006

Autograph list for Inkworks Firefly set announced. Not as much cast, lots more supporting characters: More...

February 26 2006

Interview with Inkworks President Alan Caplan about the Serenity cards. He talks a bit about the process of creating the cards and says that he was very pleased with the sales.

January 19 2006

Inkworks Firefly cards listed in Diamond Previews. "The 72-card base set captures the stories, as told in the original television series, in the order they were originally intended, as well as behind-the-scenes shots, character profiles, and more." More...

January 15 2006

Firefly coming to cards. After Serenity, Inkworks will produce a Firefly card set. A free Firefly promo card will be available in the next issue of NSU. (Check bottom of the link)

September 01 2005

Win KRAD's Serenity novelization and trading cards. It's a Whedonesque competition... More...

July 06 2005

Serenity's trading cards set: Autograph line up revealed. Kudos to the amazing cast and Inkworks. More pictures here.

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