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October 29 2014

Rotten Tomatoes declares Firefly "Certified Fresh". The popular site has finally gathered up critical responses to the series. More...

August 11 2014

Robin Williams dead at 63. Sarah Michelle Gellar's costar in The Crazy Ones has died, and will be sorely missed. In a statement to People Magazine, Sarah described Robin as "the Father I had always dreamed of having".

May 27 2014

12 of the most game-changing TV episodes ever. Not one, not two, not three, but four Whedonverse episodes feature on this io9 list.

May 08 2014

Seven actors discuss pilot season. Brief interview with Fran Kranz with mentions of Dollhouse and Joss.

September 12 2012

Joss Whedon says 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV Series will star 'new characters'. Joss answers some of the questions that have been floating around in our thinkers.

June 23 2012

TV's all-time greatest writers. Joss gets included in this Flavorwire list.

March 21 2012

Win a holiday to a Cabin in the Woods. The TV advertising campaign kicked off in the US and UK on Friday. In the UK they're running a several minute advert giving away a holiday to Sweden.

May 28 2011

Doug Petrie in The Nerdist Writers Series on May 29th. Doug Petrie, Josh Friedman, Michael Green, and Alexa Junge discuss TV writing, moderated by Ben Blacker of "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" (under the auspices of The Nerdist Chris Hardwick, Joss Whedon's former neighbor). More...

August 25 2010

Nick Brendon Will Appear In Two Shows This Fall, and Returns To Santaland Diaries. His latest blog reveals he'll appear in three episodes of Private Practice, and return as Kevin Lynch on Criminal Minds. Also, he'll be back performing The Santaland Diaries for the Blank Theater this holiday season. More...

December 22 2009

Pop Matters Talks Buffy: When TV Became Art. Robert Moore ponders how Buffy changed genre, narrative, and the role of women.

October 28 2009

Buffy wins poll for best Halloween TV shows. TV Without Pity put together a list of the top ten Halloween TV shows. "Halloween", which introduced us to Ethan Rayne and featured Oz still looking for Willow, and "Fear Itself", featuring Anya in a bunny suit and Giles with a handy tool, tied for first place. Episodes from "Bones", "Supernatural" and "How I Met Your Mother" also made the list.

January 14 2009

Whedonesque named one of 30 essential Twitter feeds for TV fans. Let the self-ref-fest begin. More...

November 21 2008

AOL Television's Fall TV Scorecard. Check out how your favorite Whedonesque Alum's Shows are doing. Hint: Bones, HIMYM, Chuck, and T:SCC all fare quite well.

September 10 2008

Scream 2008 Awards hosted by Spike TV is open for voting and nominees include Cloverfield, Buffy S8, Julie Benz, Doug Jones, Summer Glau, and Joss. More...

April 29 2008

Summer Glau Joins List of TV Guide's Sexiest Stars. It was a competitive race for Sexiest Sidekick, but Summer, as Cameron on "Sarah Connor Chronicles", won that category. She, and several other stars, will be featured in the "Sexiest Stars" issue on May 5th.

January 28 2008

"What to watch on DVD". The Chicago Tribune weighs in on what to watch while the Strike's going on. There are a lot of Browncoats making themselves known in the Windy City. This evidently includes the Author of the Article. :)

January 06 2008 lists Firefly Series on Blu-ray Disc. Looks like Firefly the series may get the full high definition experience for home users of the Blu-ray format. More...

August 17 2007

IGN declares Buffy as the best movie-to-tv transition. In one of many IGN top 10 lists, Buffy is on top, even beating Mash. UPDATE. UGO declares Buffy the #1 show of all time, while Firefly is at #11. More...

June 11 2007

Veronica Mars really is of a deadness most dead. Save your Mars bars - or eat them for comfort. Joss loved it, and appeared in it to yell at Stacy who works at Lariat, we loved the feisty noir-ness of it all, whedon-verse alumni variously appeared, and now and finally the Ausiello Report tells us to hope no longer. More...

May 30 2007

(SPOILER) WIRED UnderWire blog takes a first look at the "Sarah Connor Chronicles." ..."like alien deer caught in the headlight(s)..." More...

October 11 2006

No more TV for Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sarah Michelle Gellar says that she doesn't think she could ever do a one hour series again because it is too exhausting.

October 05 2006

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion on Lost. Exactly what the title says. More...

September 27 2006

Summer Glau visits The Unit. Summer Glau made an appearance in last night's episode of "The Unit". More...

August 28 2006

"Serenity" the 10th best movie based on a TV show ever. According to a new list on More...

March 15 2006

Watch vintage Wonder Woman for free. AOL's new 'in2tv' features vintage television, as announced last year, including Growing Pains, Babylon 5, Chico and the Man and... Wonder Woman. More...

January 09 2006

Why "Four Kings" is worth watching. Entertainment Weekly lists Four Kings starring Seth Green as one of the ten midseason shows worth watching. They also lists Dick Wolf's upcoming Law & Order offshoot Conviction, starring J. August Richards, as one of The Best of the Rest. More...

November 27 2005

No Longer a "Vixen", Buffy's named one of "TV's Top Kickass Girl Heroes". Jen Garner and Kristin Bell are also listed in this category. Not to mention Oprah and Lassie :) More...

October 14 2005

USA Network Gets Broadcast Rights to "Serenity." To air in 2008.

September 21 2005

Best Week Ever for Serenity. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk will be on VH1's Best Week Ever this Friday, Sept 23. More...

September 12 2005

Serenity TV spots available online via Universal's Serenity site, under "Menu", "Video" - called "Passenger" and "Good guys" (Flash required). They showcase a lot of funny dialog, a bit of mystery mixed with a dollop of violence and a smidgen of CGI. Fellow Whedonesque posters report they have been airing with sports, MTV and last nights Fox season premieres (eg The Simpsons). With 3 weeks to go, this is some serious exposure -- arguably the most Joss' work has ever had.

July 08 2005

Buffy & Angel alums new series. Kristin from E!Online previews many of our alums new series for the fall.

April 28 2004

Sweeping Sendoffs: Familiar TV faces are leaving amid frenetic rating period - about the ends of Friends, Frasier, The Practice, and of course Angel. More...

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